How do they do it?

How did they do it? Super powerful live video from today ⬇️

✨”I have created more money than ever before, while doing so much less than ever before. I have worked abroad for the past few months, building a really successful business along the way”
✨”I hit my first 5 figure month!”
✨”I created 1 new high end client a week!”
✨”I made my ROI within the first month of working together, so that’s pretty cool!”
✨”Louise has taught me about being more me and using that in my business and how I can apply that to my business and that has been the most successful marketing strategy. She’s really taught me to own that and to see that value I give and what I have to share; with the world and with my clients”
✨”She’s no bs, she’s a fearless coach and honestly she really wants my success! I fully trust my finances, my time, my business, the whole package and Louise takes it and we run with it. It’s been phenomenal! The outcomes, the financial outcome; I hit my first 5 figure month in the first month of Align & Rise. If I was talking to myself I’d say “don’t wait as long as I did!” It’s magic.”
✨”Louise is gifted, intuitive, incredibly smart and clever while being kind and caring… A very old soul. Magic happens when you join forces with Louise George.”
See video below where I take you behind these success stories! ⬇️

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“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”
– Henry Ford


That is really what I really support my coaching clients in accessing.

Belief in self.
Belief in possibilities.
Belief in IT ALL.

I used to think everything was happening to me, that the world was out to get me and it was so hard and unfair. How come they have all the… Money? Love? Experiences? Opportunities? Luck? – There’s no such thing!

I know that now – and after many years of consciously creating my reality and helping 1000’s of others do the same; We create our realities, with the power of: mind, body, soul.

At the end of 2015 I went ALL in – invested in myself at a high level: financially – $20,000 I didn’t have!, time wise and energetically; to be supported in rising to my next level and aligning with what I truly desired, knew was meant for me and I made my life and business a NON-NEGOTIABLE. I invested in high level coaching and support for the first time and I haven’t looked back.
It was SUPER uncomfortable: growth is!
It was WAY out of my comfort zone – that’s where change happens!
It was also SO exciting, freeing and full of possibility – anything is possible when you choose to show up, back your-self, do the work and go all in.

As a certified transformational and mBIT Coach I support my clients in:
‘Soul Aligned Success’
Creating a life that feels as good as it looks.
Programming your mind for success.
Aligning head and body wisdom.
Working with universal laws and higher ‘one’ consciousness.

Remembering who you are, what you TRULY desire and knowing how to SEE it manifest.

I really help you to BElieve in yourself fully, remembering how incredible and powerful you are and that #itsallpossible

Your answers are within. Your wealth is within.

Everything and anything you desire is meant for you and possible, but perhaps you don’t fully love yourself right now? Perhaps you don’t fully believe right now!?

You MUST BElieve it to see it!

Waiting for:


Those things will not come until you believe.

They are results of:


Stop putting your dreams on hold for one day and waiting until you have ________

You’ve got to go first and change something, in order to believe and then see it all manifest.


Trust – you’re going to need an enormous amount of this to begin with, especially if your physical 3D reality isn’t matching your desires and vision.

Shift – with full trust, connection to your true desires, vision and aligned action, you will begin to see shifts in your physical reality – aka proof that trust and showing up as if works.

Believe – you will begin to believe and remember #itsallpossible as a result of these shifts – your subconscious cannot argue with what you’ve seen and experienced… we can also ‘hack’ this and collapse timelines with powerful visualisation and programming techniques.

See – everything you desire already exists, you’re just unable to see them due to your blocks: fears, limiting beliefs, incoherence – with guidance you will:

Trust, Shift, Believe and SEE it all.

This is the power of transformational coaching – diving deep, to go high.

Programming you to believe in yourself, more than ever before; stepping into your highest power, becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be, the person you really are and seeing all you can visualise and desire manifest.

You’ve got to go first and show up, committing to the internal and external work and that’s much easier and faster with support from someone who knows how to guide you there.

Let you body guide you, your intuition.
Listen to your heart and follow your gut.

Your soul is directing you through your desires.

👆🏻Invest from that place.

How would it feel to think anything is possible and you can have it all. You can… 👇🏻

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”

>> Are you ready to commit to the business and lifestyle you TRULY desire? To step into your highest self and believe in yourself and know #itsallpossible?  👇🏻👇🏻

🙋🏻‍♀️You have a spirit for adventure, a hunger for growth and a burning desire to make a huge positive impact in the world.

💸You’re ready to create the high level income and impact you know you’re here for.

💚You know it’s time to cut the BS and use your super-power intuition; to drop the struggle and enjoy more pleasure, ease and flow.

🙏🏻You crave connection but are no longer available for surface level. You want to go deeper…

🎉You want to be surrounded by other people who ‘get’ you, people you’re free to just BE with… free to be vulnerable with and to celebrate with.

🔥What if scaling a soulful, impactful and thriving business & lifestyle meant dropping the struggle and turning up the soul?
It does.

This is inside out revolution for success, where:

Strategy meets soul.
Intellect meets intuition.
Action meets alignment.

Group coaching for next level Online Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Change-Catalysts, Intuitive Influencers.

Remembering the woman you REALLY are and creating what you TRULY desire. You are ready to Align & Rise.

Ready to get going?
Align & Rise Sistermind & event. Next round begins Apr. 👉🏻 ** PM @louisegeorgeco to find out more. **

Success Stories from previous Align & Rise Sisters:

“I have created more money than ever before, while doing so much less than ever before. I have worked abroad for the past few months, building a really successful business along the way”

“I hit my first 5 figure month!”

“I made my ROI within the first month!”

“Louise has taught me about being more me and using that in my business and how I can apply that to my business and that has been the most successful marketing strategy. She’s really taught me to own that and to see that value I give and what I have to share; with the world and with my clients”

“She’s no bs, she’s a fearless coach and honestly she really wants my success! I fully trust my finances, my time, my business, the whole package and Louise takes it and we run with it. It’s been phenomenal! The outcomes, the financial outcome; I hit my first 5 figure month in the first month of Align & Rise. 💫

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They’re more consistently successful because they’re more consistently connected and invested! 🙏🏻🔥


There really is no secret to success BUT there are:


Those creating, manifesting and succeeding at a high level are consistently connected and invested.

Blogs, podcasts, free trainings, books, low level programmes and investments will not support you at the level you need…

You have to implement, apply and consistently align and invest in what desire to see manifest and consistently align, programme and connect to the level you want to be at.

For example; those you see creating 6+ figure businesses have probably invested multi 5 figures to see that return. Consistently investing in:

Personal and business development
Surrounding themselves with others creating at that level
Years of previous experience and ‘failing forwards’
Time: tuning in, programming, aligning; creating, working & selling

Higher level creation / achievement requires a higher level investment:

You wouldn’t just pay £10 to go to one gym class an expect to be in the best shape of your life, for the rest of your life or become an Olympic athlete!?
Read a book about brain surgery and head straight into the operating theatre!?
Win an Oscar for a play you put on in your living room?!

Yet, many business owners seem to think they can invest 0 and become an overnight success / millionaire!? – It’s possible but unlikely, or will at least take MUCH longer or be exhausting!

Unless you’re invested at a high level, STOP comparing yourself to people who are:
Consistently connected and invested!

If you are invested and doing the work, keep going (as long as it’s aligned) – right now you’re building momentum and there’ll be a tipping point.

Remember there’s SO much that goes on behind one person’s success – we often only see the final shiny results, medals, money, accolades; before that came YEARS of and DAILY:

Work: mindset, alignment, training
Investment: money, time, energy
Practice: mind, body, soul, creation
Consistent: actions, investment, connection

Are you connected to your vision and invested in seeing it manifest?

One of the most common things I hear from my clients and people who are seeing their desires manifest is “I just wish I’d started / invested sooner!”

Stop waiting for one day – NOW is the time.

Straight talking, from my heart, to yours!
Lou xx

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She loves herself. She trusts herself. 💚

She loves herself. She trusts herself. 💚
“I have created more money than ever before, while doing so much less than ever before!”
“I very much live in my vision board now!
I’ve created a beautiful 6 figure business”
“After just 3 calls in the programme I created 4 clients!”
“I created one new high end client a week!”
“I created my ROI in 2 weeks!”
“I more than doubled my client intake and made £30k in the first 3 months!”
How do they do it? How does she do it?
She loves herself and trusts herself.
Not everyone will create a 6+ figure business BUT it is possible for everyone!
However, it takes a high level of self love and trust, that not everyone is willing to do the work to reach.
There’s a different timeline fo everyone, depending on so many variables…
Time needed for:
Collapsing time:
Deciding to take action and step into your highest anyway!
Forward focused
Taking (consistent) aligned action
Showing up as the highest version of you
Leading from the heart
Doing the work
Investing in self/ business development
My clients you see creating high levels of success and a life that feels good are CHOOSING…
CHOOSING to SAY YES to themselves.
CHOOSING to love themselves, trust themselves and take immediate aligned action from their highest.
Are they 100% confident? NO (no one is)
DO they have a secret? NO …. well maybe, they are working with me 😉
Traits of successful people:
– Invest in themselves: self / business development: coaching, mentoring, masterminds, high-vibe events
– Make (aligned) decisions quickly
– Are open and highly coachable (not resisting change/ guidance/ support)
– Take immediate aligned action from our calls
– Move forwards before they feel ready (you never will)
– SAY YES – working with flow of life and opportunities
– Committed to the daily work: inner and outer
– Take imperfect action, consistently
– Get visible
– Connect daily: self, higher consciousness, community, potential clients
– Sell = BEing of service – daily
– Don’t listen to fear (it will always be there but will become quieter the more you listen to heart, desire, soul, intuition)
– Create a supportive and high-vibe environment: people, places, things
– Follow: heart, desires, soul, intuition, inspiration
– Focus: on what they want, vision, success mindset, the main thing
SO much more but it all essentially comes back down to:
She loves herself and trusts herself.
Do you?
You are so worthy.
I love you!
Lou xx
** P.S. Do you choose to align & rise to your next level and create a life that feels as good as it looks? 👇🏻**
How would it feel to:
✔️ Be fully booked?
✔️ Travel the world while creating multi 6 figures+ a year?
✔️ Run international events and retreats?
✔️ Work with dream clients?
✔️ Have amazing team support?
✔️ Soul-mate relationships?
✔️Freedom lifestyle
✔️Dream home
✔️ More: Love? Wellbeing? Money?
👆🏻Just some of what my gorgeous clients are seeing.
All connected deeply to your deepest truth and identity.
Your soul.
Your mission.
Your way.
Goals with soul.
Vision with intention.
Creation with choice.
Action with alignment.
You decide to invest, even though you don’t feel ready. Your gut tells you it’s right.
Your return?
Soul aligned strategy.
Business bliss.
Fully supported by your:
Soul sisters.
Spiritual entourage.
Your higher self.
Say yes!
We got you.
It’s time to #alignandrise



How many of my business & coaching clients create 6 figures+ revenue – in less than a year – and why some people won’t ever see that!?

“I wish I hadn’t waited so long” is one of the most common things I hear from my clients.

Watching on the sidelines.
Seeing others creating and experiencing it all and wanting it too.
Maybe subconsciously at first.
Wondering what the secret is.

Waiting for the…

Then realising those ALL come as results and with action.
“What’s got you here, will not get you there.”

The desire getting stronger and stronger.
Until the pain of staying stuck becomes stronger than the discomfort of:


👆🏻 that’s what it takes.

Then… BOOM! 💥

The life changing moment of CHOICE.

Choosing YOU.
Your dream lifestyle.
The business you really want.

So often just from investing, the flow of abundance opens up.

There’s magick in declaring to yourself and the universe that you choose, back yourself and a huge energy shift happens when you remember you ARE worthy of your desires and…

It’s all possible.

You can have it all but you got to change the patterns and stories!

How do they do it?

It’s really as simple as BEing the same vibration as the things you desire to see manifest. Energy, baby!
I could leave this post here and hope you REALLY get this BUT in this human experience most just understand this intellectually and it can be easier said than done; so what’s the ‘work’ to get to the point of energetic alignment? 👇🏻

* Successful people make decisions quickly, listening to intuition/heart/gut/SOUL and take aligned action, NOW.
Not one day, tomorrow, next year – the moment is now. Successful people make designs based on their true desires and when the desire is there – Waiting often just increases the pain, being stuck and often so much time, energy on money on something less than what you really want.

* Check in, feel into the right decision, yes but take action on what you already know you want and before your intellect/ego/lower self chimes in with all of the fear based thinking of why it’s not possible. Listening to your fear will keep you stuck and small.

* See it through – saying yes and making the decision is the easy part and where the most momentum lies… success takes repetition, consistency, persistence and choosing the big picture, committing to the long game. You cannot hack success – it can take years of doing the (internal and external) work, facing rejection (redirection), failing forwards, action, alignment, momentum, growth.

Quantum leaping is possible and timelines are being collapsed faster than ever BUT you gotta show up and work WITH the universal laws and higher frequencies. You REALLY want it, right?! Then it will be a joy to be on the journey of creation and purpose… if not, maybe it’s not for you.

* Taking action that you’ve never taken before – most of the decision lies in investing in yourself.

We’re not typically taught to put ourselves first or invest highly in ourselves (apart from the traditional markers of success: university degrees, houses, cars, holidays) but you’re not here to work 12 hours+ a day in work you don’t enjoy, to pay for a house you’re never in, a car you never drive and just 2 holidays a year!? So why would you not instead invest in yourself, personal and business development, work from anywhere you like, spend more time with loved ones, travel as much as you like, actually enjoy your home and car (or whatever you choose)!? Investing in personal and business development is the now age marker of success… for a joyful and fulfilled life.
DUH – no brainer, right!

* Showing up and backing yourself – again, the initial investment of money and energy (excitement) is one thing but successful people are working on continuing this momentum; with daily rituals, practices, commitment, dedication, work, alignment, SHOWING UP! Investing over and over in continual self and business development, knowing that one 4 week programme or online course may help you begin the momentum but that needs to be supported and sustained.

* Investing in something to support you move from here to there – where ever you are now, if you desire to grow, you’ll need to do something different for the next level. Higher levels of the above…. don’t get me wrong this is not about working more (you’ve probably seen my clients success stories of working less than ever before!?) it’s actually about focus, depth and vigilance – higher levels of focusing on what you desire, your vision and the aligned vibration, actions and beliefs; going into the depths of the darkness, to re-programme and limits, fears and releasing anything that doesn’t serve you and being vigilant to catch those sneaky stories and lower light frequencies that may try to pull you back down.

* Bridging the gap between the vibration and the manifestation – this is simple but where most people get stuck… in the gap! EVERYTHING you need and desire is already here! The work is really aligning with the vibration of what you desire to see and removing what’s blocking you. In my experience and opinion this is a lifetime commitment and daily practice and takes working with others who have already crossed the gap, can see where you are and guide you to your bridge.

* Putting money and energy in the flow momentum it needs to return!
This one always baffles me – although I get what it feels like to invest in yourself at a high level if you’re not used to it… I felt sick the first time I did and one of my favourite emails after a client invested her first £20,000 in working with me was “I’ve done it!! I feel sick but more excited!”
I’ll create the money and then come back and invest.” HUH? Isn’t one of the reasons you’re looking for support; because you’re not sure how to see more money flow in? So do you think you’re more likely to get your ROI from the investment or by working harder and trying to figure it out yourself?
Also, money depreciates in savings, so investing it is a smart way to make it work for you and appreciate…
Return ON Investment!
And my client who felt sick?
She trippled her investment in the first three months!… and changed the trajectory of her life forever!

* Listening to your heart and following your desires (aka – your soul directing you!)
This is the key to ‘soul aligned’ success and a life that feels as good as it looks. Sure, you can run your life and business from the neck up, hustle, force, strive and you probably will create a level of success but will either look around and be miserable, burn yourself out or both. You heart’s desires are your soul directing you.

* Getting into a space of faith and surrender – “just go with the flow” easier said than done sometimes, right?!
It isn’t sitting on a meditation pillow and OMing your way to manifestation (that helps), it’s an active process of…
-Making your desires a NON-NEGOTIABLE
-Getting clear on your vision
-Working through the blocks
-Programming your beliefs to support your desires
-Taking consistent aligned action
-Releasing the how, when, specifics
-Trusting it’s on its way
-Following what lights you up (“feeling good is the whole point”)
-Keep showing up

There’s so much more I could add to this, again: in my opinion and experience this is a lifetime commitment (maybe many) and daily practice, which can be complicated or seem impossible if you’re trying to do it yourself: we don’t know, what we don’t know, right and it’s often difficult to see how we’re getting in our own way.

Again, It’s really as simple as BEing the same vibration as the things you desire to see manifest.
6-7+ figure business owners are really committed to that and showing up and the person who is already at that level…

You have to BElieve it to see it.

Most people are getting it backwards, waiting to see it, to believe it and before they invest.

If you GET this and I know you do, NOW is your time.
Coaching can support you in aligning to it all.

No one can do the work for you, you have to do that – that’s another trait of successful people; they get that they have all the answers and seek guidance and support to access them, remember how powerful you really are and to be surrounded by others who are also consciously creating the life they really want.

Environment (people, places and things) have an impact on how you feel and how you feel is creating the reality you’re experiencing.

Be the 1% of people who actually get to have it all, who desire to have it all, decide to have it all and invest in having it all.

Is it easy? NO.
�Is it for everyone? NO.
�Is it for you? If you’ve read this far, I’m guessing YES and you know.

You can create soul aligned success and a life that feels as good as it looks.

Remember, it’s all possible.
Lou xx

P.S. How does it feel to be👇🏻
✔️ Be fully booked?
✔️ Travel the world while creating multi 6 figures+ a year?
✔️ Run international events and retreats?
✔️ Work with dream clients?
✔️ The way you want?
✔️ Have amazing team support?
✔️ Soul-mate relationships?
✔️Freedom lifestyle
✔️Dream home
✔️ More: Love? Wellbeing? Money?
👆🏻Just some of what my gorgeous clients are seeing.
All connected deeply to your deepest truth and identity.
Your soul.
Your mission.
Your way.
Goals with soul.
Vision with intention.
Creation with choice.
Action with alignment.
You decide to invest, even though you don’t feel ready. Your gut tells you it’s right.
Your return?
Soul aligned strategy.
Business bliss.
Fully supported by your:
Soul sisters.
Spiritual entourage.
Your higher self.
Say yes!
We got you.
It’s time to #alignandrise

Click here to apply.

WILD – “Living in a state of nature” SEEing it all Manifest.

Louise George-368.jpg

You are not being called to do more.
You are being called to BE more.

What does that mean to you?


It’s a lifetime commitment and daily practice for me.
I am an A type personality and can be impatient, controlling, I am highly ambitious and brilliant at making things happen – NOW.

We all know where that leads and years ago it lead me to burnout – something I am still mindful of and you’ll know if you follow me on social media I spent an afternoon in hospital recently, due to a virus and stress, a nudge from the big U to slow the f down, again.

As human’s we are he most intellectually intelligent beings on the planet BUT running our lives and businesses from the neck up can only lead to burnout and while we may be able to think, plan and strategise our way to traditional success; life rarely feels as good as it looks.

I know, I’ve been there; running previous businesses because I could or doing things because I ‘should’. Then looking around and thinking ‘this isn’t it!’.

As a coach, I work with high-achievers and many of my clients come to me for the same reason – they’ve created a high level of success in their careers and lives but haven’t been or aren’t fulfilled/ happy or they’ve reached a certain point and aren’t sure what’s next – how do you create a high income and impact AND a life that feels as good as it looks!?

I want you to know that it’s all possible…


Traditional education, success, society and culture these days often leaves us disconnected from our nature, other and higher intelligences – the wisdom of our bodies and the quieter voices of intuition, heart, soul, higher-self.

You are a Wise, Wild Woman and your greatest wealth lies within you.


Most people come to me as a coach seeking clarity and confidence and they absolutely gain that from the work we do but we cannot begin there.

Confidence and clarity come as results.

Results of re-connecting, with who you REALLY are, what you TRULY desire, re-programming your mind and body to remember that and release anything not aligned and getting in consistent momentum – showing up as your highest and taking inspired action to take care of yourself and be of service from that place.

If you don’t really know what you desire, who you are or what your vision is, how can you possibly create it?

From lack of clarity we create by default; manifesting in every moment – as we always are – but often not seeing what you really want and definitely not feeling good. And that (as Danielle LaPorte says) “Is the WHOLE point!!

The alternative is creating by design.
Becoming a conscious creator.
Manifesting what you really want.
Working WITH universal laws and higher dimensions for more ease grace and flow.

It takes practice, commitment, dedication and work BUT it’s not the old paradigm of success: pushing, forcing, striving; it’s tuning inwards first, connecting to your WILD woman, your natural state – you know it because it’s peaceful, calm, loving and you have faith, even though you may not (probably don’t) know how.

Your soul speaks to you as desire, so EVERYTHING you desire is meant for you and everything you desire already exists!

The relationships, money, home, experiences, opportunities, contribution, highest levels of it ALL. Here in this world already.

If you don’t have them yet, you’re simply unable to SEE them.

We collect limiting beliefs and fears throughout life, from what is modelled for us, spoken to us and the experiences we have; all programming us to believe certain things are possible or not.

But anything is possible and it’s possible FAST when you believe.
When you show up as if you believe.
When you believe in yourself.
When you trust.
Become an energetic match for it all.

Drop into your heart and feel what it’s like to have everything you desire.

Your heart holds the key to the most powerful conscious creation, quantum leaping and alignment, to rise to your next level and soul aligned success.

Tune in to your WILD woman. She knows.
Lou x

It’s time to ‘drop the struggle and turn up the soul’

The inside out revolution for success, where:

Strategy meets soul.
Intellect meets intuition.
Action meets alignment.

Group coaching for next level Online Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Change-Catalysts, Intuitive Influencers.

You’re done with the struggle!

Let’s face it: you’re tired of the struggle. You’re bored of mediocre. You’re downright sick of seeing what everyone else is up to and wondering if you ‘should’ be doing that too.

You’re not interested in creating funnels or the latest online marketing techniques and you know that’s not what creates the connection to the committed clients you want to work with.

You’ve seen snippets of success but it’s inconsistent and exhausting. Your lifestyle is out of sync with what you envisioned. You’ve done so much inner work but know there’s something still blocking you and you feel out of alignment with what you actually want anymore.


Together we’ll delve into the nooks of what’s been holding you back. You’ll strip back the layers to reveal your power. You’ll crack open the sides that don’t often see the light.. Until you’re living out and leading from the most fully-expressed, confident, authentic and powerful version of YOU.

“Working with Louise was the best investment I have ever made in my business! I’ve taken my bussiness to 6 figures, have a fully booked coaching practice & am running my own retreats worldwide.”

** Ready to activate your next level? 👇🏻
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The Gift Of Giving & The Law Of Compensation


You know about the law of attraction and are committed to the internal work, tuning in, meditating, journaling and aligning with it all but perhaps it’s not working?

There are other universal laws at play and one that may be slowing down what you desire to see manifest is the law of compensation.

“Each person is compensated in like manner for that which he or she has contributed.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

You gotta meet the universe halfway and give first; we reap what we sow.

You’re amazing at what you do: coaching? healing? mentoring? teaching? creating?
But your gifts aren’t serving anyone if you’re not giving them away.

Without expectation or condition.

Your visibility is service.
Your presence is power.
Your message is magick.

All you desire is waiting for you but you gotta show up and do the work.

Let the world experience your gifts.

You have a deep desire to serve but perhaps something is holding you back from sharing fully?

There’s magick in momentum.

Yes, there may be blocks to work through, re-programming and alignment to work on but show up anyway. If you stay in motion, fear will ‘stay in the backseat’.
The more you share, the more your confidence and clarity will grow.
The more you’re seen, the more your people will have chance to connect with you.

Give with no attachment and share what feels good.
You will be of service to yourself, creating, expressing, refining your message and you will serve those who resonate and need to receive your work.

It doesn’t have to be perfect (there’s no such thing)  but it does need to be seen/ heard/ experienced or you cannot serve, inspire or receive.

An artist is not an artist, unless (s)he creates.

Don’t tell them. Show them.

What gift are you giving today?

Louise x

>> P.S. My gift to you – ‘Soulfire Spark’ bundle for your soul aligned success, creating a life that feels as good as it looks 👇🏻

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Part Time Blog To Global Coaching Company.

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In August 2018 we celebrated 4 years since my coaching business was first created and it’s come a long way baby!

I had just closed my property management and personal assistant company ‘Simply Organised’ and was working part time in my running and fitness business ‘Run To Become’ and part time temping for some extra cash. You gotta do, what you gotta do!

I was starting again, again! Well at least that’s what it felt like…
After years trying to make it as an actor and entrepreneur it felt like it would never happen… actually that’s not true, I’ve always known it would but I was frustrated with it not happening.

I looked at why other businesses hadn’t paned out the way I hoped and what I truly wanted to do next.

I followed my intuition and in 2014 created a blog to share my experiences and journey of: self-development, spirituality, business and fitness.

The lifestyle blog and community Bodhi Babes was born!

I wrote daily! Not for any other reason than I wanted to and was inspired to.
I followed my heart, soul and calling.

The blog and writing led to some amazing experiences and opportunities; including: contributing to Hay House’ blog and being invited to their events and parties, writing for Psychologies blog, speaking at Mind, Body, Spirit Festival and so much more.

I was also approached by women wanting support and coaching on confidence, business and wellbeing, so the business was initially created with a handful of coaching clients, working on their confidence and desires.

It has grown, day by day from there and I have continued to show up, invest and learn; becoming a certified transformational life and business coach, mBIT (multi brain integration) coach, published author, speaker and taking my coaching company global; with private clients, events and speaking gigs worldwide.

Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way, that I wish I’d known sooner and that have helped me to grow a part time blog, started at my dining room table, to a multi 6 figure (and growing), global coaching company…

    As you’ve read above consistency was key in taking my part time blog to a business. I showed up daily for months, before I had any income; building valuable content, a community, network and becoming known in the wellness, spirituality and self-development industries; creating my ‘know, like, trust’ and experience.
    I was able to show up daily (with ease) because I LOVED it. I wasn’t blogging for the opportunities, experiences, or notoriety, I blogged because I was inspired and enjoyed creating.
  3. SAY YES
    I have always said yes to each opportunity as it presented itself (as long as aligned with me and my desires) the speaking gigs, writing opportunities, interviews, coaching clients; I didn’t always have the confidence to do those things to begin with BUT confidence is a result not a requirement! 
    I love the quote from Richard Branson:

    “If you’re presented with an opportunity but aren’t sure how to do it, say YES and work out how later!”

    I have continued to say yes and work out how later, one day, opportunity and step at a time.

    I blogged for months before really getting noticed or traction, some projects can take years but it will always pay off when you’re focused and committed.
    Work out what lights you up and works and be consistent with it. Start with one thing, do that REALLY well, then expand from there.
    In the early days I thought I had to do it all myself (that’s a lifelong journey for me!) I had been in and out of different businesses for about 8 years before finally understanding there was a MUCH easier and faster way! I’d finally found my passion business but still wasn’t living the lifestyle I truly desired. I began studying successful entrepreneurs and the one thing they all had in common was a business coach / mentor. The successful entrepreneurs I was following (and aspiring to be like) had accelerated their success by investing in those who had come before, made the mistakes and learned how to run and thrive in business. We go to university to study and qualify for most other professional careers, why would business be any different – you don’t have to work it out yourself, why would you!?Investing money, time and energy in your business and being supported by mentors / coaches who are relevant and supporting people in creating results in your field will help you to get there much faster… that’s why I personally recommend consistently investing in business mentors / coaches over an MBA / degree – they’re current and active in real time; business and marketing move fast! I have invested $100,000+ in my own coaches and mentors over the last couple of years but it’s supported me in creating a multi 6 figure (and growing) company and my clients are doing the same! Modelling and learning from those who have been there before is a smart move.
    You can learn how to run a business and have all the information and tools to succeed BUT if you don’t believe in yourself or what you have to offer, neither will anyone else! We all have subconscious beliefs running the show (most of which began in childhood) so it’s so important you identify any limiting beliefs and programme yourself for success, to be your highest, most confident self.
    When investing in a business coach I highly recommend working with one who not only understands the practical elements of running a successful business but can also support you with the psychology of running a successful business (that’s 80% of what it really takes) and creating the life you dream of.
    In the words of Napoleon Hill:

    “what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

    As you’ve read above your mindset is key and that’s because your internal beliefs will dictate how you show up in the world and the actions you take, creating your external world. Thoughts become things! 
    However, no matter how much mindset work you do, if you environment doesn’t support it, it will be difficult to surpass that. Make sure you’re surrounded by inspiring people places and things, they all have an impact on how you feel about yourself and like attracts like.
    When It all began with my blog Bodhi Babes in 2014, community was at the heart and that remains true today. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am without the incredible communities I am honoured to be a part of. I am forever grateful to my own mastermind groups and business besties and the beautiful community in our Inner Circle, some of whom have been with me since the beginning. I am so grateful and you know who you are!Surrounding yourself with others in business, creatives and people who get what it means to be on this journey.

    “If you want the best self-development programme there is, start a business.”

    Surround yourself with a community for: support, cheerleading and celebrating!

    There will be ups and downs and the journey of an entrepreneur / creative / leader is a rollercoaster, so enjoy it! From one of my favourite songs and life lessons:
    Baz Luhrman’s ‘Wear Sunscreen’

    “Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and in the end it’s only with yourself!”

I want you to know #itsallpossible!
Louise xx
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Screen Shot 2019-01-22 at 17.01.57.png


This is a daily practice, the most simple and powerful.
Asking: myself, my guides & source, each morning:
– What is is I truly desire?
– What are the 1-3 things I can do to speed up this manifestation?
– Where will you have me go? What will you have me do? What will you have me say and to who? ACIM

Tune in.
Take aligned action.

As I reflect back over the past few years and all of the things I have SEEN manifest in my business and life, this process and practice never fails.

The things that haven’t worked of felt good have been due to an external search or looking to someone / something outside of me for the answers. Or when I haven’t trusted or taken fast enough aligned action…

Ideas move on.

It’s SO much bigger than you and what you’re currently asking for is only a fraction of what’s possible for you and waiting for you to say yes and align.

This is where support, coaching and guidance come in; working with those who are able to help you to connect to your true desires, your vision, highest identity and open up to receive and SEE it all.

Life is short.

Go. For. It!

There’s nothing to create, make, manifest; really.
Everything you want already exists.
Waiting for you to:
Say yes.
Take action.

How did you…?
This is a question I get asked almost daily.
– How did you book THAT gig?
– How did you become a fully booked coach?
– How did you get that role?
– Published?
– Connection?
– Opportunity?
– Experience?

My rebel tendency serves me well in creating because I don’t play by the rules. * if you haven’t check out Gretchen Rubin’s ‘4 Tendencies’, I highly recommend it.

There are so many protocols, expectations and societal ‘rules’ about how to behave, who we can and can’t talk to and it’s so easy to put people on a pedestal BUT…
We’re ALL human!

There’s always a way to contact / connect with anyone! No matter who they are.

And deep down you know that and if you REALLY tried, you’d find it’s not that hard.
Pretty much everyone is on the www these days and because we’re all so connected online, we’re only ever a couple of steps of separation from anyone.

Your next client.

What really stops you is self-belief and fear of rejection.

You gotta ‘go for the no’


What’s the worst that can happen?

Let’s reframe it…

Next One

Every no brings you closer to the yes… and just one yes can be life-changing.

So ask. Ask again.
Skip the queue, be courageous and ask who you want for what you REALLY want.

And better yet, take the pressure off and be of service. That’s what you truly desire anyway, isn’t it!?
How can you help them?

They might say no but they might just say yes.
“what is meant for you will not pass you by”

What’s the most powerful question you can ask today?
Start with yourself.

How can I…?
Who can I…?
What can I…?

Ask powerful questions, receive powerful answers.

Then go have one interesting conversation with one inspiring person today.

See what opens up for you.
Let me know what shifts for you in the comments? 👇🏻

Nature is cyclical, not linear.


The beginning of 2019 has been a wild ride, with much shifting, crumbling, falling away and at times nothing else to do but ‘let go and let god’. You too?

My company grew fast over the past few years and with that there’s now a lot that is no longer aligned and choices to be made.
We are all a constant evolution.

I LOVE my life and business but let’s get real: running a company requires a lot of:
– Decisions
– Investment: time, money, energy
– Management
– Delegating
– Support
– Leadership
– Strategy
– Action

January is typically seen as a time to ramp up; with excitement and momentum for the year ahead and lots of ‘new year, new me’ hype and crap filling our timelines. For me, January is a time of ease, reflection and allowing everything that’s not aligned with my highest to shed; which can bring uncomfortable changes but (as I trust) some AMAZING new opportunities that I have previously only dreamed of.

We are collectively being called to STEP UP BIG TIME!! As leaders, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, healers, light workers.
Life meets you when you live and lead from your heart and say yes. Working with the law of vibration:


If you’re new to business or growing right now, be kind to yourself and know that we are all working it out as we go, to a certain extent and ‘failing forwards’. We all wonder at times if we’re doing the right things…
Keep listening to your heart and if you find yourself wandering off your path, know it’s okay to: slow down, choose again, change your mind and stop. This is YOUR way. Remember #itsallpossible

Your health is paramount to your success, so personal care and development are key, as well as being supported by others on a similar journey, so you don’t feel alone and have people around you showing what’s possible as well as somewhere to ask for help, celebrate and share.

Nature is cyclical, not linear and so are you and your capacity to create.
There is a season to retreat, a season to create, a season to bloom and a season to hibernate.

The energy on Earth is also super intense right now – do you feel it? – with the eclipse and ‘wolf moon’ last night – it’s a great time to fully release what’s no longer serving you and call in higher levels of abundance, stepping into your FULL power! You hear the howl and know it’s time, don’t you!? Of course you do.

The 3rd Monday of January may also be known as Blue Monday but I invite you to check in and align with your highest, always asking:
“how do I want to feel and what do I need to do to feel that way.” My high level ‘Align & Rise’ clients are practicing, journaling and visualising, daily; with regular reminders on their phones to check in with their highest and we’re seeing some fast upgrades and manifestations…
From 0-fully booked in Jan; new clients and highest income ever! They are BUZZING and their #SoulFire magick is being activated.
Try it out for yourself and set your own reminders:

“I trust, focus, believe, act, live and lead as the person who ___________ “ writing from your future self, as if it’s done. And so it is.

Stay focused on what you truly desire and allow anything that wants to fall away to go, it may come with some emotional and life upheaval so stay grounded and take care of yourself and have faith that something incredible is on its way – you asked for it. And so it is.
Remember your power and that you are supported and guided at all times.

Tune in.
Keep showing up, taking aligned action.

Stay with your practices and with the utmost gratitude for your journey and with what you’re about to see unfold.

You’ve got this and we’ve got you. We rise together.
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Join us in this magickal cocoon of creation.
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Either way I’d love to hear from you and catch up on all your creating and hope 2019 is off to a great start for you?! Comment below or send me a PM and let me know what’s going on in your world and if I can support you in any way.