SoulFire Sistermind

What if scaling a soulful, impactful and thriving business & lifestyle meant dropping the struggle and turning up the soul? 

It does.

 SoulFire Sistermind
Kick off your shoes and join us...

The inside out revolution for success, where:

Strategy meets soul. 
Intellect meets intuition.
Action meets alignment.

Group coaching & 1-1 support, for women 30+
Online Entrepreneurs, Coaches & Creatives
Thought Leaders, Change-Catalysts, Intuitive Influencers.

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You’re not interested in the latest marketing techniques or other people's strategy for success and you know that’s not what creates the connection to your true soul work, clients and dream lifestyle.

Maybe you’ve seen snippets of success but perhaps it’s inconsistent and exhausting. Maybe your lifestyle is out of sync with what you visualise and at your highest. You’ve done so much inner work but you're ready to fully step into your power and purpose, living and leading from your heart.

Let’s face it: you’re done with struggle. You’re tired of seeing what everyone else is up to and wondering if you ‘should’ be doing that too. You're no longer available for anything less than your dream life.

You're done with
 the struggle.


You’re ready to be challenged on your BS, to upgrade your life in every way, to activate what you’re really capable of, and to have that fire in your belly reignited. 

Together we’ll delve into the nooks of what’s been holding you back. You’ll strip back the layers to reveal your power. You’ll crack open the sides that don’t often see the light..

Until you’re living out and leading from the most fully-expressed, confident, authentic and powerful version of YOU.

You want to be tapped into the power that pulses within you. To be turned on by the beautiful life you’re creating. To be tuned into your big dreams and ride the wave of momentum to bring them to life. 

You want to feel connected, aligned and fiercely on-fire towards your desires. 

You’re ready to let your energy beam from you and let your vibe magnetise your dream clients.

You want to get out from behind your laptop and do your best work through living and leading by example.

You want to be a catalyst for change, make a rippling impact in the lives of others, and create a high income to match.

You want to be supported and surrounded by a high-vibe group of ambitious, conscious and powerful women who inspire you and light a fire under your butt too! 

You know it’s time to activate your full potential and become unstoppable. (Because you’re done with playing it small and safe.) 

an intuitive, transformational life, success & multi brain integration coach; author, speaker and actress.

I’m here to help you remember who you really are, what you truly desire and see it all manifest. Because it's all possible. 

It’s time to drop the struggle and focus on flow, strategy and soulful connection, business and bliss - that’s where it’s at. I’m here to support you in consciously creating the kind of lifestyle you want to kiss - where you’ve stepped into your Pinterest board, become the woman you’ve always wanted to be, and are living out the vision you once only dreamed of! 

I’ve built a multi-six-figure coaching company and supported many others in doing the same; through soulful connections and deep and conversations. I’ve enjoyed my highest income months when I’m having fun, travelling the world and living and leading by example. I’ve supported my clients in creating the dream business and abundant life they crave. My company formed because I got clear on what I deeply desired and I realised that I have it within ME to achieve more than I had ever allowed myself to imagine before.

And I’m here to support you to uncover and unlock YOUR unique superpowers so you can access and step into your full purpose.

I see you and what you’re truly capable of. And I’ll lovingly challenge you into reaching that full capacity. I’m deeply intuitive and I’ll hold the space for you to visualise to your highest and I’ll call you on your bs whenever I feel it’s required. 

This is where soul meets strategy, and intellect meets heart-centred intuition and insight.

Hey, I'm Louise!

Is ready to activate higher abundance in every area of your life - health, wealth, love. 

This is for the woman who...

Knows there’s so much more available to you and is ready to activate it.

Is tired of doing the same thing as everyone else and seeing the same cookie cutter businesses.

Is ready to own your power, supersize your confidence and step into the woman you've always wanted to be. The woman you really are.

Is ready to create a highly profitable, purposeful business / purpose-driven work around your dream lifestyle.

Knows mindset is where the power lies and is ready to breakthrough the sh*t that’s still holding you back.

Craves more soulful and meaningful connections, conversations, fun, freedom and expression.

You want to create a thriving business / work as a catalyst for change and a positive impact in the world.

Isn’t afraid to be challenged on limits, old patterns and bs beliefs.

Is deeply soulful and desires to be highly successful. You are no longer available to struggle or sacrifice.

Loves luxury and the best life has to offer but craves more adventure and is happy in heels, in the city or barefoot on the beach. SoulFire women love experience and adventure and we meet in luxurious, inspiring locations immersed in nature. No stuffy boardrooms here!

• Identify and unlock your unique magic and innate brilliance so you can earn more, work less, and create high-level clients who ONLY want to work with you  

• Align with your purpose and desires so you can feel over the moon excitement about what you want and how to make it happen

• Soulful, insightful and intuitive approach to setting and reaching your goals in business and life

• Tapping into your intuition to guide your business decisions

• Building a loyal and engaged community by being more YOU and becoming a magnet for the connected and committed women you want to work with 

• Powerfully create dream clients without a single automated funnel in sight 

• Doing less and BE-ing more 

This programme is tailored to your needs, but some of the topics we cover, include: 

Strategy Meets Soul:

• A soulful and savvy approach to sales so you can finally enjoy the business side of business 

• The powerful business model to take you from overwhelmed and underpaid to focused, on-fire and fully-booked with high-level clients 

• Unpick and rewire the deep-rooted beliefs and limiting money blocks once and for all 

• Activate confidence out of your comfort zone so you can release the nerves and breakthrough to your next level

• Identify and integrate the parts of you you’re shying away from in your business 

• Uncover and eliminate the worries, fears, and attachments that are preventing flow

Intellect Meets Intuition:

• Fierce focus so you can cut the busy and know exactly where to focus your attention

• Identify your ideal client and target market so you can create dream clients with ease 

• Explore your ideal business model, based on your vision for your life and work

• Miracle Mindset to help you feel great every day and attract the things you want

• Craft (or re-design) unique offerings that you’ll feel excited and enthused to deliver

• Weekly actions to help you stay focused and in flow, to switch on that tap of abundance and watch your manifestations roll in

Action Meets Alignment: 

Bi-weekly training calls and Q&A - with me and your sistermind (and coaching  for Platinum members)

The Details:

Immediate access to our SoulFire Collective members site and community, with business tools and training, plus monthly group calls and challenges

Private FB group for daily support and connection between calls

I'm ready!

Platinum Members get all above AND...
- Unlimited 1-1 support from Louise, on Voxer for the duration of programme 
- BONUS 2 day mastermind event; Cornwall in July / Bali in Nov

JOIN US and up-level your life and business today

"Working with Louise was the best investment I have ever made in my life & business!
I've taken my bussiness to 6 figures, have a fully booked coaching practice & am running my own retreats worldwide."


Some things you will not have to do anymore:

• Wonder if you can justify buying that new car / holiday / wardrobe / home / retreat / for yourself (you can and you will)

• Settle for either / or (love or money, business or life, clients or friends - you can have it all) 

• Worry about where your next clients are coming from (you’ll know it + you’ll see it)

• Go through the motions and do what everyone else is doing (because boredom sucks for everyone involved)
• Feel frustrated that you’re not living at your full potential and accessing what you’re truly capable of (it’s time, and you know it) 

You have a wild spirit and crave even more play & adventure in your life.

I select a very exclusive group of women to join us in Align & Rise, to ensure you’re all aligned and on-fire together. The programme is application only, and if you’d like to join us, you can apply below: 

You’re willing to do the deep inner and outer work, to release the struggle and stretch out of your comfort zone for radical growth.

You’ll bring your enthusiasm and optimism to co-create a beautiful experience for all.

You’re totally lit up by the thought of a close community with other brilliant, ambitious, loving and supportive women.

You care deeply about being in alignment with your choices in business and in life and leading from that place 

Here’s what’s required to join the Align & Rise Sistermind:

Ready to access, activate and step into your full power? 


Don't waste anymore time in overwhelm and fear, constantly searching for the next course that will give you the tools you need to move forwards and create the business and life you desire.

You don't need more information, you need more insight. Insight into who you truly are, what you really desire and how to take inspired action to create the business and life you dream of.

I've personally invested over $100,000 on my own coaches and mentors and is one of the best things I've done, it has been the catalyst for the success I've created so far in my business and now I want to share what I've learned with you...
This mentorship will be one of the best investments you'll ever make! It will help you skyrocket your self-belief and confidence, while enabling you to accelerate your success, help you to get clear on your business model and focuses to reach the next level, create your ideal clients, make a difference in the world and create a great income.  

Let's make your dreams a reality…


**Spaces available on application only, please apply below.**

YES! I am a soulfire woman!

6 months - Limited spaces open now 👇🏻
Gold Membership = £6000 - community, membership and group coaching calls

Platinum Membership = £10,000 - also includes events in Cornwall & Bali and
1-1 support from Louise!