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All money is a matter of  believe.

Introducing: Money Miracle Mind
An 8 week programme designed to update your money mindset

Group coaching for Online Entrepreneurs, Thought Leaders, Change-Catalysts, Intuitive Influencers.
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You are running your own business and you’ve been doing pretty well. Money is coming in, but maybe not enough of it, or not regularly enough. You are committed to creating an impact with your business, but you struggle with maintaining your focus because let’s face it, running a business can be hard, especially when you are doing it on your own.

You attend inspiring workshops and soulful retreats and you leave them feeling invigorated and powerful, ready to set the world alight with your passion and drive. But after a few weeks, self doubt creeps its way back into your head and procrastination leaves you not knowing what to do or where to turn. Deep down, you know you need to invest in support for yourself and your business, so that you can make the impact you are here for, but committing to yourself in such a big way feels like a stretch too far for your finances.

I’ve created my Money Miracle Mind programme to update your money mindset so you can start attracting abundance in all areas of your life.

Starting in April and running for 8 weeks, I will support you as you explore your current money story, challenge why you believe what you do about money and learn how to break free from the BS that is holding you back from creating your abundant life. 

Consisting of 5 biweekly calls with me and the group, as well as online support, my Money Miracle Mind programme is designed to prepare you to create big impactful changes. 

You know it’s time to activate your full potential and become unstoppable.

Mindset is where the power lies.  


It’s not fear you’re feeling…

This programme is tailored to your needs, but some of the topics we cover, include:

Strategy Meets Soul:

  • Identify and unlock your unique magic and innate brilliance so you can earn more, work less, and create high-level clients who ONLY want to work with you  

  • Align with your purpose and desires so you can feel over the moon excitement about what you want and how to make it happen

  • Soulful, insightful and intuitive approach to setting and reaching your goals in business and life

  • Tapping into your intuition to guide your business decisions

  • Building a loyal and engaged community by being more YOU and becoming a magnet for the connected and committed women you want to work with

  • Powerfully create a stream of dream clients without a single email funnel in sight

  • Doing less and BE-ing more

Intellect Meets Intuition:

  • A soulful and savvy approach to sales so you can finally enjoy the business side of business

  • The powerful business model to take you from overwhelmed and underpaid to focused, on-fire and fully-booked with high-level clients

  • Unpick and rewire the deep-rooted beliefs and limiting money blocks once and for all

  • Activate confidence out of your comfort zone so you can release the nerves and breakthrough to your next level

  • Identify and integrate the parts of you you’re shying away from in your business

  • Uncover and eliminate the worries, fears, and attachments that are preventing flow

Action Meets Alignment:

  • Fierce focus so you can cut the busy and know exactly where to focus your attention

  • Identify your ideal client and target market so you can create dream clients with ease

  • Explore your ideal business model, based on your vision for your life and work

  • Miracle Mindset to help you feel great every day and attract the things you want

  • Craft (or re-design) unique offerings that you’ll feel excited and enthused to deliver

  • Weekly actions to help you stay focused and in flow, to switch on that tap of abundance and watch your manifestations roll in

Here are the delicious details you need:

  • We kickstart in April 2018 for 8 weeks

  • 5 Bi-weekly video calls with me and your intimate mastermind, starting in April 2018

  • Private FB group for support and connection between calls

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If you’re up for going deep, challenging your BS and creating your abundant life, this is for you. 

We’re waiting for you!

I select a very exclusive group of women to join us in Money Miracle Mind, to ensure you’re all aligned and on-fire together. The programme is application only, and if you’d like to join us, you can apply below:

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Intuitive Coaching

You don’t need more strategies, you need insight…

In #Money Miracle Mind not only do you have all of the training, resources and tools to build and grow a successful business, Louise will dive deep with you and straight into the beliefs and fears that are really keeping you stuck.

You don’t need to wait to manifest the life you dream of, you can create it now.

It’s time to take that quantum leap. 

Join us for coaching, connection and community to soar.

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  • Access the Inner Circle group now, with business tools and training to build and grow a successful online business, monthly group calls and challenges
  • AND if you decide to join #WiseWildWealthy Woman Programme, the cost of #MoneyMiracleMind will deducted from your fee!


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A final note…

If you’ve reached this point on the page, your soul is craving more, she is whispering to you to rise.

Are you ready to take the next step and move forwards towards your dreams?  Listen to your heart, your intuition.

What I want more than anything is for you to share your incredible, unique gifts with the world.  For you to be of high-service, in the way you desire to be, so you can make the positive change you’re here to make and live your life to the full.

We need you now, more than ever.  We need all high-vibe women with incredible dreams to live them and inspire others to do the same.  That’s why I created this programme.

I want to empower you to step into your feminine power, to create your dream business and life, become the woman your ideal clients are looking for, the woman you desire to be. 

Imagine how it will feel to have personal support, to see your business dreams become a reality, for your ideal clients to find you and pay you what you’re worth and to live the life you truly desire.

Are you ready to ignite your passion and purpose and create the business and life you dream of now?  Join us!

I can’t wait to get to know you.
x Louise