go bigger, bolder and braver on your deepest desires.

You know you’re still holding back from what you’re capable of, you’re ready to unleash the you that is stirring underneath, to show up in a more powerful way than you ever have before.

You want to get clear on what’s unique, special and magnetic about YOU and how to convey that to the world to create your dream high-level clients.

You're ready for radical shifts and rapid growth energetically and financially. 

from burnout to bliss 
and from overwhelmed to on-soulfire. 


You’re ready to

INTRODUCING: SoulFire 1:1 Intensive Days

An immersive, luxury, powerhouse experience set to expand and accelerate your life & business in every way

In this powerful one-day life & business accelerator, you’ll activate the unstoppable confidence, fierce focus and soulful approach you need to access and transcend your full potential.

We’ll be teaming magick with a master plan of action. 
We’ll be meeting soul with strategy.
We’ll be matching core desired feelings with focus. 

Whether you want to sing on global stages like Beyonce, to host retreats for industry influencers worldwide, to speak on a TedX stage, to create your first six-figure year, to become British Oprah - no dream is too big, no desire too deep and no discussion is off the table. 

I see everything you’re capable of and so much more. And it’s time you gave yourself permission to start dreaming bigger.

This is where we take a 360’ look at your business and life, throw out what’s not working, maximise the parts you love, expand your vision and infuse it with a balance of action and flow.

Let’s do this! 

• Craving so much more but are afraid of burnout 

• Tired of the hustle and struggle

• Confused by all the industry ‘should-do’s’ and have forgotten to listen to what you want 

• Experiencing a plateau in clients / sales 

• Feeling underwhelmed by the way you’re running things 

• Sure that if you see another ‘funnel’ you might scream 

• Triggered by online success, knowing you could be there but not knowing how 

• Keeping yourself stuck and want to bust through the BS once and for all


Once in a lifetime experiences so you can ditch mediocre and expand your mind, body and soul

The Details

Identify and unlock your unique magic so you can magnetise your dream clients 

Clarity on your purpose and desires so you can feel aligned with and excited about what’s next

Confidence out of your comfort zone so you can release the nerves and breakthrough to your next level

Your power-packed day is bespoke to your needs, and some of the things we can cover include: 

Identify and integrate the parts of you you’re shying away from in your business 

Mindset and wealth consciousness to crush those limiting money blocks once and for all

Uncover and rewire the worries, fears, and attachments that are preventing flow

Fierce focus so you can cut the busy and know exactly where to focus your attention

Identify your ideal client and target market so you can create dream clients with ease 

Explore your ideal business model, based on your vision for your life and work

Miracle Mindset to help you feel great every day and attract the things you want

Prepare for a presentation, speech, interview or audition, so you can structure and deliver with confidence

Craft (or re-design) unique offerings that you’ll feel excited and enthused to deliver

Mindfulness based techniques to help you stay focused, in control and present (to switch on that tap of abundance and flow) 

Restructure your schedule so it flows with your true pace

Soulful, insightful and intuitive approach to setting and reaching your goals in business and life

These days are tailored to you to create the perfect combination of coaching and a life-changing experience. 

Anything from a luxury spa day to paddle-boarding or perhaps a day on a super yacht!? What experience is your soul craving?

Get ready for a transformational day you'll never forget.

Investment starts at £5000 - Strictly application and invitation only - apply below.



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