Part Time Blog To Global Coaching Company.

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In August 2018 we celebrated 4 years since my coaching business was first created and it’s come a long way baby!

I had just closed my property management and personal assistant company ‘Simply Organised’ and was working part time in my running and fitness business ‘Run To Become’ and part time temping for some extra cash. You gotta do, what you gotta do!

I was starting again, again! Well at least that’s what it felt like…
After years trying to make it as an actor and entrepreneur it felt like it would never happen… actually that’s not true, I’ve always known it would but I was frustrated with it not happening.

I looked at why other businesses hadn’t paned out the way I hoped and what I truly wanted to do next.

I followed my intuition and in 2014 created a blog to share my experiences and journey of: self-development, spirituality, business and fitness.

The lifestyle blog and community Bodhi Babes was born!

I wrote daily! Not for any other reason than I wanted to and was inspired to.
I followed my heart, soul and calling.

The blog and writing led to some amazing experiences and opportunities; including: contributing to Hay House’ blog and being invited to their events and parties, writing for Psychologies blog, speaking at Mind, Body, Spirit Festival and so much more.

I was also approached by women wanting support and coaching on confidence, business and wellbeing, so the business was initially created with a handful of coaching clients, working on their confidence and desires.

It has grown, day by day from there and I have continued to show up, invest and learn; becoming a certified transformational life and business coach, mBIT (multi brain integration) coach, published author, speaker and taking my coaching company global; with private clients, events and speaking gigs worldwide.

Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way, that I wish I’d known sooner and that have helped me to grow a part time blog, started at my dining room table, to a multi 6 figure (and growing), global coaching company…

    As you’ve read above consistency was key in taking my part time blog to a business. I showed up daily for months, before I had any income; building valuable content, a community, network and becoming known in the wellness, spirituality and self-development industries; creating my ‘know, like, trust’ and experience.
    I was able to show up daily (with ease) because I LOVED it. I wasn’t blogging for the opportunities, experiences, or notoriety, I blogged because I was inspired and enjoyed creating.
  3. SAY YES
    I have always said yes to each opportunity as it presented itself (as long as aligned with me and my desires) the speaking gigs, writing opportunities, interviews, coaching clients; I didn’t always have the confidence to do those things to begin with BUT confidence is a result not a requirement! 
    I love the quote from Richard Branson:

    “If you’re presented with an opportunity but aren’t sure how to do it, say YES and work out how later!”

    I have continued to say yes and work out how later, one day, opportunity and step at a time.

    I blogged for months before really getting noticed or traction, some projects can take years but it will always pay off when you’re focused and committed.
    Work out what lights you up and works and be consistent with it. Start with one thing, do that REALLY well, then expand from there.
    In the early days I thought I had to do it all myself (that’s a lifelong journey for me!) I had been in and out of different businesses for about 8 years before finally understanding there was a MUCH easier and faster way! I’d finally found my passion business but still wasn’t living the lifestyle I truly desired. I began studying successful entrepreneurs and the one thing they all had in common was a business coach / mentor. The successful entrepreneurs I was following (and aspiring to be like) had accelerated their success by investing in those who had come before, made the mistakes and learned how to run and thrive in business. We go to university to study and qualify for most other professional careers, why would business be any different – you don’t have to work it out yourself, why would you!?Investing money, time and energy in your business and being supported by mentors / coaches who are relevant and supporting people in creating results in your field will help you to get there much faster… that’s why I personally recommend consistently investing in business mentors / coaches over an MBA / degree – they’re current and active in real time; business and marketing move fast! I have invested $100,000+ in my own coaches and mentors over the last couple of years but it’s supported me in creating a multi 6 figure (and growing) company and my clients are doing the same! Modelling and learning from those who have been there before is a smart move.
    You can learn how to run a business and have all the information and tools to succeed BUT if you don’t believe in yourself or what you have to offer, neither will anyone else! We all have subconscious beliefs running the show (most of which began in childhood) so it’s so important you identify any limiting beliefs and programme yourself for success, to be your highest, most confident self.
    When investing in a business coach I highly recommend working with one who not only understands the practical elements of running a successful business but can also support you with the psychology of running a successful business (that’s 80% of what it really takes) and creating the life you dream of.
    In the words of Napoleon Hill:

    “what the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

    As you’ve read above your mindset is key and that’s because your internal beliefs will dictate how you show up in the world and the actions you take, creating your external world. Thoughts become things! 
    However, no matter how much mindset work you do, if you environment doesn’t support it, it will be difficult to surpass that. Make sure you’re surrounded by inspiring people places and things, they all have an impact on how you feel about yourself and like attracts like.
    When It all began with my blog Bodhi Babes in 2014, community was at the heart and that remains true today. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am without the incredible communities I am honoured to be a part of. I am forever grateful to my own mastermind groups and business besties and the beautiful community in our Inner Circle, some of whom have been with me since the beginning. I am so grateful and you know who you are!Surrounding yourself with others in business, creatives and people who get what it means to be on this journey.

    “If you want the best self-development programme there is, start a business.”

    Surround yourself with a community for: support, cheerleading and celebrating!

    There will be ups and downs and the journey of an entrepreneur / creative / leader is a rollercoaster, so enjoy it! From one of my favourite songs and life lessons:
    Baz Luhrman’s ‘Wear Sunscreen’

    “Sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind. The race is long and in the end it’s only with yourself!”

I want you to know #itsallpossible!
Louise xx
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The Internal Conflict Holding You Hostage.



“My business is my armour!” I heard the words for the first time, I had felt them for a long time.

Perhaps everything looks amazing on the outside but on the inside you’re experiencing conflict.

You’re successful, an expert, visionary, creative, leader; the one they turn to, look to, follow but maybe you want to stop?

A chance to pivot.
Start again.

Life happens and sometimes we need to pause, to get off the merry-go-round, take a beat and just BREATHE.

I had been there before. Anxiety and depression are old friends of mine and symptoms of too much:

After a tough year in 2017 of grieving, serving and trauma I knew I had to stop, take the armour off and allow space to re-connect.

Do you?

2018 was a year of slowing down, recalibration.
Letting go of things that no longer served:
relationships, habits, identities, beliefs.

Death is part of evolution.

As a student and teacher of mBIT – multi Brain Integration – and living and leading from the heart I am grateful for the many tools I now have; to catch the signs quickly, have the understanding of how to communicate with my body and how to identify, heal, re-programme and re-connect; to my truth, my inner wisdom, my soul.

For me, it’s a lifetime commitment and a daily practice.

There’s something calling you right now.
Can you hear it?
Are you listening?

It begins as a whisper.
You work harder.

Then a nudge.
You create more.

You serve.

You hide in the light.

In your comfort zone.
The things you do without thinking.
Can do.

But do you REALLY want to?
Maybe you once did but now there’s something new.

A remembering of why you’re really here.
Knowing what you truly desire and a longing to see it.

The soul-mate relationships?
Work that REALLY lights you up?

You’re hostage to internal conflict because you’re so good at working things out. Making things happen. Creating. Doing.
You’re an over-achiever and powerful creator.
And a part of you thrives in it.


Leadership can isolate.
Forward focused.
Problem solving.
At the front.

It’s time to employ a co-pilot.
It’s time to re-structure.
It’s time to resolve the conflict.

Your head brain can no longer do it alone.
It’s exhausting.

Your body holds so much wisdom and your head is so powerful it will take over but it’s out of alignment; forgetting the fundamentals principles of leadership: communication, team, coherence.

You are being held hostage by the inner conflict of your most powerful body intelligences:

Heart = CEO
Gut = Board
Head = Executive Assistant

All at odds, with the EA running the show.
That’s no way to manage business or life.
It causes stress.
It leads to dis-ease.

The CEO – visionary, leader – holding the key to your true desires, values, passion and purpose.

If your heart’s not in it, it’s probably not a true desire.

What is it I truly desire?

Your board – advisor, guide – intuitively responding to move you in the direction of what you really want, aligned with your identity and in communication with your heart’s desires.

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t.

What do I deeply need?

Executive Assistant – creator, manifestor – with focus and direction this intelligence will bring it all together and in alignment with heart and gut will create a business and life that feels as good as it looks.

What does this really mean?

Ask (smart questions, receive smart answers):
How can I?
Who can I?

You CAN strategise your way to success.
You CAN put your trues desires off until… the right time? one day?
And you WILL regret it.

Looking around someday soon, if you’re lucky…
On your deathbed if you’re like most!
Wishing you paid more attention.
Relished the moment.
Honoured your desires.
Loved more.
Breathed it all in.

This is your sign.
Now is the time.

Only now.
The only moment that exists.

You can’t always control what happens.
You can choose how you respond.
You can choose to tune in.
You can choose to pay attention.

You have to decide.
Say YES!

It’s never too late.

Everything you’re looking for is in the search of the feeling.
So start there.

How do you want to feel and what do you need to do to feel that way?

Your heart holds the key.

What do you TRULY desire?

Louise George

P.S. Are you ready to find out what you truly desire?
If you say yes to creating a life that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside, book a complimentary call.



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This is a daily practice, the most simple and powerful.
Asking: myself, my guides & source, each morning:
– What is is I truly desire?
– What are the 1-3 things I can do to speed up this manifestation?
– Where will you have me go? What will you have me do? What will you have me say and to who? ACIM

Tune in.
Take aligned action.

As I reflect back over the past few years and all of the things I have SEEN manifest in my business and life, this process and practice never fails.

The things that haven’t worked of felt good have been due to an external search or looking to someone / something outside of me for the answers. Or when I haven’t trusted or taken fast enough aligned action…

Ideas move on.

It’s SO much bigger than you and what you’re currently asking for is only a fraction of what’s possible for you and waiting for you to say yes and align.

This is where support, coaching and guidance come in; working with those who are able to help you to connect to your true desires, your vision, highest identity and open up to receive and SEE it all.

Life is short.

Go. For. It!

There’s nothing to create, make, manifest; really.
Everything you want already exists.
Waiting for you to:
Say yes.
Take action.

How did you…?
This is a question I get asked almost daily.
– How did you book THAT gig?
– How did you become a fully booked coach?
– How did you get that role?
– Published?
– Connection?
– Opportunity?
– Experience?

My rebel tendency serves me well in creating because I don’t play by the rules. * if you haven’t check out Gretchen Rubin’s ‘4 Tendencies’, I highly recommend it.

There are so many protocols, expectations and societal ‘rules’ about how to behave, who we can and can’t talk to and it’s so easy to put people on a pedestal BUT…
We’re ALL human!

There’s always a way to contact / connect with anyone! No matter who they are.

And deep down you know that and if you REALLY tried, you’d find it’s not that hard.
Pretty much everyone is on the www these days and because we’re all so connected online, we’re only ever a couple of steps of separation from anyone.

Your next client.

What really stops you is self-belief and fear of rejection.

You gotta ‘go for the no’


What’s the worst that can happen?

Let’s reframe it…

Next One

Every no brings you closer to the yes… and just one yes can be life-changing.

So ask. Ask again.
Skip the queue, be courageous and ask who you want for what you REALLY want.

And better yet, take the pressure off and be of service. That’s what you truly desire anyway, isn’t it!?
How can you help them?

They might say no but they might just say yes.
“what is meant for you will not pass you by”

What’s the most powerful question you can ask today?
Start with yourself.

How can I…?
Who can I…?
What can I…?

Ask powerful questions, receive powerful answers.

Then go have one interesting conversation with one inspiring person today.

See what opens up for you.
Let me know what shifts for you in the comments? 👇🏻

Nature is cyclical, not linear.


The beginning of 2019 has been a wild ride, with much shifting, crumbling, falling away and at times nothing else to do but ‘let go and let god’. You too?

My company grew fast over the past few years and with that there’s now a lot that is no longer aligned and choices to be made.
We are all a constant evolution.

I LOVE my life and business but let’s get real: running a company requires a lot of:
– Decisions
– Investment: time, money, energy
– Management
– Delegating
– Support
– Leadership
– Strategy
– Action

January is typically seen as a time to ramp up; with excitement and momentum for the year ahead and lots of ‘new year, new me’ hype and crap filling our timelines. For me, January is a time of ease, reflection and allowing everything that’s not aligned with my highest to shed; which can bring uncomfortable changes but (as I trust) some AMAZING new opportunities that I have previously only dreamed of.

We are collectively being called to STEP UP BIG TIME!! As leaders, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, creatives, healers, light workers.
Life meets you when you live and lead from your heart and say yes. Working with the law of vibration:


If you’re new to business or growing right now, be kind to yourself and know that we are all working it out as we go, to a certain extent and ‘failing forwards’. We all wonder at times if we’re doing the right things…
Keep listening to your heart and if you find yourself wandering off your path, know it’s okay to: slow down, choose again, change your mind and stop. This is YOUR way. Remember #itsallpossible

Your health is paramount to your success, so personal care and development are key, as well as being supported by others on a similar journey, so you don’t feel alone and have people around you showing what’s possible as well as somewhere to ask for help, celebrate and share.

Nature is cyclical, not linear and so are you and your capacity to create.
There is a season to retreat, a season to create, a season to bloom and a season to hibernate.

The energy on Earth is also super intense right now – do you feel it? – with the eclipse and ‘wolf moon’ last night – it’s a great time to fully release what’s no longer serving you and call in higher levels of abundance, stepping into your FULL power! You hear the howl and know it’s time, don’t you!? Of course you do.

The 3rd Monday of January may also be known as Blue Monday but I invite you to check in and align with your highest, always asking:
“how do I want to feel and what do I need to do to feel that way.” My high level ‘Align & Rise’ clients are practicing, journaling and visualising, daily; with regular reminders on their phones to check in with their highest and we’re seeing some fast upgrades and manifestations…
From 0-fully booked in Jan; new clients and highest income ever! They are BUZZING and their #SoulFire magick is being activated.
Try it out for yourself and set your own reminders:

“I trust, focus, believe, act, live and lead as the person who ___________ “ writing from your future self, as if it’s done. And so it is.

Stay focused on what you truly desire and allow anything that wants to fall away to go, it may come with some emotional and life upheaval so stay grounded and take care of yourself and have faith that something incredible is on its way – you asked for it. And so it is.
Remember your power and that you are supported and guided at all times.

Tune in.
Keep showing up, taking aligned action.

Stay with your practices and with the utmost gratitude for your journey and with what you’re about to see unfold.

You’ve got this and we’ve got you. We rise together.
** P.S. We had the most powerful day at our #SoulFire Sessions Live event last week and we missed you there but I am SO excited to invite and welcome you to our #SoulFire Activation Retreat, in Cornwall – now 28 Feb – 2 Mar! I hope you’re able to join us…
You are in for a the most incredible weekend retreat; with an immersive coaching experience to support you in aligning with all you desire and vision in 2019 and gathering with your soul sisters for fun, adventure and a life-time experience you will never forget.
Join us in this magickal cocoon of creation.
Book your place on the link below 👇🏻
Either way I’d love to hear from you and catch up on all your creating and hope 2019 is off to a great start for you?! Comment below or send me a PM and let me know what’s going on in your world and if I can support you in any way.


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What are you simply tolerating?

It begins with choosing to no longer be available for anything less than your highest:

  • Possibilities
  • Experiences
  • Opportunities
  • Love
  • Wellbeing
  • Wealth
  • Expression

What are you tolerating?
Putting up with?
Where are things mediocre or worse?

Have a look at all life areas and get honest:

  • Love
  • Relationships
  • Wellbeing
  • Spiritual practices
  • Money
  • Business
  • Others

Firm up your boundaries, raise your vibration and show up as the most powerful version of you!
Decide to honour your soul, your heart, your love.
Decide to ride along with fear, doubt, those insecurities with compassion but…


You will only see possibilities, experiences and opportunity at the level at which you are open to. #itsallpossible but can you REALLY see that?

An abundance of love, wellbeing and wealth are available to you but do you believe you deserve it?

You will unconsciously block higher versions of IT ALL, until you identify, clear and re-programme those limiting beliefs. Choose to tune into a higher dimensional frequency than 3D and collapse the future to the present…

Your 10 year plan can be your year plan.
Your year plan can be your 90 day plan.
Your 90 day plan can be your month plan.
Your month, your week…
Your plan can be your NOW reality!

When you choose “and so it is”

You will default to your minimum standards, so UP them!
Make your best life a NON-NEGOTAIABLE

Our experience of 3D reality is choice or default, which are you available for?

What are you no longer tolerating? Drop a comment and let us know 👇🏻

** P.S. Ready to seriously UP your standards? Live your best life? Join us >>>>
OR PM me for our high-level private support / masterminds – next stop Marbella, Spain!!



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2017 was a helluva year and honesty I am still recovering from it!
In fact it brings me to tears just thinking about it and my dear friend and coach Rich Litvin (with a simple, thoughtful text) has just reminded me I am loved, supported and not alone  🙏🏻
I am so blessed to be surrounded by THE MOST incredible people: family, friends, partner, community, clients, dog 🐾 – I always know that I’m not alone but it can still be lonely, cant it?!
2017 was A LOT – our bff and fur baby #troythespottyrescuedog made his transition and left his body and ugh, the grief!
I don’t think I fully allowed myself the grief I carried, because somewhere (buried deep) the story of – ‘he’s a dog!?’ WTF – NO! He was my baby! My best friend. My buddy. We love you Troy!
Then my Dad had a heart attack – he’s fully recovered now, thank God! But what a shock! We love you Dad!
And mental health… can we just talk about that for a minute!? It was #worldmentalhealthday yesterday after all…. I have a history of depression and anxiety and around 12 years ago I was under such a dark cloud couldn’t even answer a text.
I barely remember that version of me now BUT I am acutely aware of my and other’ mental wellbeing and have to take good care of myself. I am fierce about nourishing my mind, body and soul, daily!
And we have ALL been effected by mental health.
Our gorgeous head brains are powerful and complex. The negative voices can be LOUD and we have to programme ourselves for love and success, despite the noise (press, TV – it’s called programming for a reason) out there conspiring with the lowest vibrations of fear, scarcity, division.
Choose what you consume and programme.
I have been on my own journey of self-development, spirituality and business (best self development programme out there – you’re gonna GO there!) over the past decade and that ‘saved’ me!
Understanding psychology
Universal Laws
Emotional Intelligence
I know have so many tools to take care of myself, to understand myself and have compassion for myself and others but I’m still human… well partly 😉👽
As a highly visible entrepreneur and coach it can be easy to ‘hide’ – people presume you’re always okay, you have it all figured out, you’re online every day, talking, sharing, visible, traveling, creating… you don’t need support.
My life is better than it’s ever been and I am in love with all I’ve created but, we ALL experience ALL emotions and get knocked down sometimes.
Life happens.
Loved ones leave / die.
We don’t always know the answers.
And higher levels of success and guess what!?…
Higher level challenges! Although it’s all a matter of perspective.
Please don’t misunderstand, this is in no way a cry for help, a pity party or an invitation for advice, coaching or sympathy.
I LOVE my life!!
This is to bring awareness to the fact that we’re ALL doing our best and figuring it out as we go.
Don’t let anyone’s high profile, perfect manicure or glossy photos let you feel less than!
Life is AMAZING and #itsallpossible
And sometimes we’re tested, challenged and playing in the shadows of our gifts.
As a highly creative, intuitive, entrepreneur some of my gifts include:
I make things happen – FAST
SUPER intuitive
Easily distracted
We have to honour all, recognise all and dance with all.
You are an incredible light, a warrior.
Incarnated at this time to: learn more, heal karma, collapse timelines, create your heart’s desires, share your mission and message in HIGH service: for YOU, your family, friends, community, humanity.
Your commitment to living and leading by example and becoming your highest expression is felt, seen, experienced, noticed and appreciated by more than you’ll ever know.
This journey isn’t easy but you didn’t sign up for easy!
You raised your hand for:
We are all connected and this is a HIGH energy time.
Time for compassion: for yourself and others.
Time for healing.
Time for saying YES to your heart.
Showing up from your soul.
Creating your desires.
Owning it all.
Remembering what a miracle you are!
How loved you are.
How divine you are. It all is.
Your gifts are unique but your shadows are not – we all have them, we all experience them, we all dance with them…
Choose love.
Choose light.
Choose belief.
Choose trust.
Choose gratitude.
Choose the vision.
Choose to keep moving forwards, aligned with that!!
Thank you.
I love you!
Linking arms with you!
Lou xx



You have an important message to share with the world and are SO ready to step UP!
What’s holding you back? 
You’re doing ALL the things!
It’s not working!
There’s something missing?!
There’s no one else you need to be. Nothing you should do.
But do you know who you are REALLY?
Are you changing?
You always are.
It’s safe to choose again.
What’s calling you now?
What do you want to share?
What’s the impact?
Who needs to hear your msg?
They’re waiting.
For the gift only you have.
Your heart knows your true desires.
That nagging that won’t go.
Waiting for you to say YES!
Courageously moving forwards.
Taking action.
Speaking up.
Showing up.
Levelling up.
Who you be.
Your highest.
Identity is key…
I AM __________
Two powerful words that shape your reality!
Following those words have an impact.
Focus on your vision and create a plan, working back from the version of you who has it ALL.
Your desires are waiting.
Be seen.
Get visible.
Show up.
BE a #womantowatch
Join the tribe 👇🏻

I WANT TO BE FULLY BOOKED AND CLIENTS TO COME TO ME!! Why should they? How will they? 👇🏻


I hear this so often from people in business… some barely getting started!
“I don’t want to find clients anymore, I want them to come to me!”
Like Veruca Salt stomping her feet –
“I will no longer work for clients, they must come to me!”
What is it that you’re doing that’s so special?
Seriously, think about it – do you REALLY know WHY?
It’s totally possible to become a magnet for your soul-mate clients but you have to know what makes you special and OWN it! Believe in it and there’s no getting away from it…
Those you see magnetising clients and money to them are DOING THE WORK!
showing up
in alignment
with heart
You gotta meet the universe half way!
Don’t want to do the work?
Perhaps what you’re doing is not your true soul work?
Maybe you don’t have what it takes for the next level?
– Not everyone will become an Olympic athlete, no matter how hard they train.
– Not everyone will become a number one best selling singer, no matter how many lessons they have.
– Not everyone will win an Oscar for their work as an actor, no matter how much they try.
– Not everyone will create millions as an entrepreneur!
Is it:
on purpose?
fuelled with passion?
followed with massive action?
Not pushing, forcing or striving but following your: highest excitement
living and leading by example
staying in motion
following your soul’s calling
They’ve also got to be able to find you.
Shining light on your:
A lighthouse for your tribe because they can see you, feel you and link arms with you.
Know why
That’s the energy needed – and DAILY tuning in, bringing future you to now… what does that look/ feel like? Connect to that timeline.
AND – how do you need to be showing up? What daily actions, aligned with it being done?
No chasing ever needed but alignment and BELIEF it’s done, with massive inspired action.
You gotta meet the universe half way.
They will come to you when you’re a magnet
for them – what frequency is the version of you who has it all?
AND you are consistently showing up, sharing you message, posting from the heart and in alignment?
As well as you becoming a magnet, do you have a plan?
attraction marketing?
lead magnet?
There’s no ONE way, just your way.
What is YOUR way?
Drop a comment below and let us know what aligned action you’re taking today. 👇🏻
P.S. Ready to BE a magnetic #womantowatch?
Join the tribe:

You’re Worried About Going Live, They’re Trying To Survive #CHOOSELOVE

This week I saw one of the most profound and poignant plays of our time:
“Stories of some of the resilient residents of the refugee camp – just across the Channel, right on our doorstep.
The Jungle tells stories of loss, fear, community and hope, of the Calais camp’s creation – and of its eventual destruction.”
I cannot recommend this play enough! If you have the opportunity to see it, go! Migration is a complex issue but whatever your views, you will be forever changed, deeply moved and provoked further into your own enquiry of beliefs and the reminder of the desperate need for us all to come together and #chooselove.
All sentient beings deserve the opportunity to live a free and joyful life…
But there continues to be millions suffering; living in fear and just trying to survive!
We sit here behind our computers with immense privilege.
In our warm homes
Food on the table
Family and friends around
Everything at our finger tips…
The power to create
The power to CHOOSE
STEP UP and do the damn thing!
The business and life you want
The money
The opportunities
You just have to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!
STOP listening to the limiting stories…
Take action today.
Say yes to your heart’s desires.
Live & lead by example.
Show them what’s possible.
Giving BACK!
It’s starts with you.
There’s a New Earth available to us right now, one of compassion, kindness, equality…
YOU first.
Honouring self.
Aligning to your truth.
Stepping into your full power and purpose.
Following your soul’s calling, to create success your way.
Shining brightly, as your FULL expression.
Leveraging your gifts to vibrate at your highest capacity.
Showing up consistently.
The Dali Lama once said
“The world will be saved by the western woman.”
I believe the world will be saved by people, living and leading from the heart.
Aligning your head and body intelligences (mBIT – Multi Brain Integration), with higher consciousness…
Compassion – for yourself and others
Courage – to take action
Creating – consciously the business, life and world you dream of.
“BEing the change you wish to see”
**Tag a friend who is BEing the change
#werisetogether 👭