Ep. 38 You’ve Got To Choose


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You’ve Got to Choose

Be Intentional about this precious life you’re living!

Don’t hit snooze.
Get up!
Get out!

Decide to step into your highest purpose and power.

Tune inwards and connect to your heart’s desires and take courageous action from that place.

Confidence is NOT a requirement, it’s a result.

Take the next step, leap, jump, dive, stay in forward momentum.
Be prepared to fail, fall flat on your face and rise again.
Dust yourself off.

Don’t listen to the fears of the naysayers – their stories don’t belong to you.

Put your blinkers on.

Stay in your own lane.
Live and lead by example.
Show them what’s possible.

This life is for creating and you are the creator.

Design the reality you want – see it on the inside, curate your thoughts, pay attention to your emotions and transmit joy.

Your frequency will attract all you desire.
Decide it’s DONE and BE that version of you now.

You’ve got to choose!

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I am… two of THE MOST POWERFUL words you’ll ever think or speak!

Anything following those two words should be ONLY what you desire to create in your  life and an affirmation of who you truly desire to be.

Those words are a direct message to the universe / God about what you’d like to order and manifest from the metaphysical. Higher consciousness does not differentiate between “good” / “bad” or what you really mean, it just delivers what you ask for and are focusing on… ESPECIALLY when it’s fuelled with emotion.

You know ‘they’ say “Be careful what you wish for!” – REALLY… be careful what you wish for!

“Your wish is my command!” – The Universe

So check in with your thoughts – what are you constantly focusing on – what’s your internal dialogue like? And your language – are you being mindful about what you say?

I KNOW, it takes practice and some serious commitment to begin with but it’s worth it, I promise!! You deserve all your TRULY want and it’s there waiting for you, to ask for it (and be specific), focus on it… damn near obsess about it and FEEL like it’s already yours, behave like it’s already yours, show up like it’s already yours – it is…

A magical manifester of all I desire!
Louise xx

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Manifest It NOW!


If you’re not seeing what you desire manifest in your reality and you want it LIKE NOW!! Don’t worry, it’s on its way and right now you’re in the gap…

You’re in the gap between the vibration and the manifestation… what you’ve already manifest is as a result of your past thinking, focus, alignment, action and vibration – what you desire now has already been created just by your desire for it and already exists in the world!! Your job is to become a vibrational match for it!

So how do you do that and attract all you desire from the future to the now?

First of all you have to believe, no.. KNOW that EVERYTHING you want is on the way to you. It’s simply a matter of your alignment with it.

Next, you have to BEcome the person who already has those things: money, clients, body, health, love, happiness, car, house, travel…

Q- How does that version of you show up? The person who already has those things?
Q- How do they take care of themselves, eat, workout?
Q- What are their daily habits, routines, practices? Who are they surrounded by: team, coach, mentor, friends, community?

You can meditate and journal on the Q’s above (daily preferably – visualising and journaling your future to you) and really feel what it’s like to be that version of you. If it helps, you can visualise what you’ll be like in one year, 5 years!? OR looks at people who inspire you and have a similar life / business to you – how do they show up in the world?

You can hack into future you now, by choosing to behave, show up and BEcome that person now – once you’re showing up like that and feeling like that internally, your external world will match that version of you and that vibration.

Like attracts like. If you want it, you have to BE it and FEEL it!

Why wait? Manifest it NOW!

To your most #WiseWildWealthy self.
Lou xx

P.S. If you’d like support in manifesting all you desire (love, health, money… ALL the things) NOW, we are taking applications for our #wisewildwealthy sistermind – apply on the link or contact me directly.