Be The Queen

 “A queen is wise. She has earned her serenity, not having had it bestowed on her, but having passed her tests. She has suffered and grown more beautiful because of it. She has proved she can hold her kingdom together. She has become its vision. She cares deeply about something bigger than herself.  She rules with authentic power.” Marianne Williamson

I listen to a lot of audio books, as it gives me chance to catch up on my huge list of ‘must read’ books while on the run… literally!  I love a good book when I’m running.  

I absolutely loved A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson.  If you haven’t read (or listened to) this one, I highly recommend it.

Marianne talks about living in our authentic power as women, embracing our feminine energies and really stepping up, into playing the lead in our own lives.  Not competing with men, but complimenting them.  Flowing in and out of our Yin & Yang energies, with ease.

To live confidently in our authentic, feminine power we need to tune in to our intuition, our desires, get clear on our passions and what lights us up.  I’ve been talking a lot about this with my coaching clients and in recent Desire Map workshops.  

It can be difficult to know what we truly want from life when there are so many distractions and demands for our attention.  With society setting expectations and friends and family (and sometimes strangers) dispensing well intended advice on what’s best for us, we can become confused as to which way to turn, especially if our journey is on ‘the road less travelled’.  

As an entrepreneur and actor I have often wondered if what I am doing is ‘the right’ thing… As other people’s successes and picture perfect lives sneak into my peripheral vision, I have often felt that maybe I ‘should’ join them on the highway. With social media at the forefront of our communication, it can be easy to fall into the trap of ‘despair and compare’, but it is crucial to follow our own paths to joy.  What makes someone else happy won’t necessarily be the same for you.

“It’s difficult to be clear on what you want when your mind is overrun with ideas of what you’re supposed to want.” Marianne Williamson, A Woman’s Worth.

So, how do you get clear and stick to your vision of what you really want?

Spend time alone!  Get to know yourself.

It is important to spend time alone, to ‘unplug’ and get back to our centre.  It is difficult to hear the voice of our intuition when we’re constantly surrounded but external noise and distractions.  Tune in to your internal compass by spending some quiet time alone. Meditation and walks in nature are great ways to do this.

What are you grateful for?  

When was the last time you stopped to think about what you’re grateful for?  This is a simple but powerful practice.  Gratitude tunes us in to positive emotions and feelings and highlights the things in life we love.  Try writing down 3 things each day that you’re grateful for.

What are you passionate about?

What can you not go a day without thinking about?  What things light you up and bring you joy?  Think of the things that make you feel great, things you can do by yourself, that don’t reply on other people for.  Some of the things I’m passionate about are: Bodhi Babes, acting, presenting, writing, women’s empowerment, animal welfare.

Where does life flow for you?  Where does it feel ‘sticky’?

What areas of your life feel easy and bring you happiness?  What do you have an abundance of?  Looking at the areas that are working for you will help you to recognise where you’re currently spending your energy.  It’s also important to look at what’s not working and realise which areas might need more attention.

Getting clear on what you want from life will enable you to make decisions that feel good. You’ll be able to step into your authentic power and lead a life that lights you up.  

You can ‘Be The Queen’ and lead your kingdom with grace.

x Louise

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Decide To Bloom

And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was greater than the risk it took to bloom.”Anais Nin

WHY do you want what you want? It’s so much fun to imagine our dream life, to know that we can create our reality, and to be open to the possibilities of our future. But a big question I always help my clients get to the bottom of is: WHY? Why do we want that for ourselves. 

Yes, we want to help others. Yes, we want to earn more money. Yes, we want our short time here to count for something. But it’s important to recognise (but not dwell on) the things we don’t want anymore, too.

Because sometimes, simply imagining life remaining exactly the same as it is now, is the boost of power you need to DECIDE to bloom.

Try it now: think about your life in one year, five years, ten years from now. What do you see for yourself? What do you want to bring about for yourself? What do you want to decide to make happen? 

Now try this: imagine that in one year, five years, ten years from now, life is exactly the same as it is today. Your bank balance, your daily routine, your business model, your mindset. 

Is it OK with you for things to remain exactly the same? 

Is it OK with you to remain tight in a bud and not discover or share your full potential?

Or are you SO ready to bloom, blossom, grow, expand, and shine like the freakin’ supernova you are? 

If your answers to those questions went something like: No! No! YES! – this is for you…

Fierce Focus For Five Figure Months

I’ve opened up some FREE 30 Minute Laser Focus Coaching Sessions: to help you breakthrough to your next income level, fiercely, and with total laser focus. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in your FREE session:

  • key steps to up-level your business
  • how to get visible to a wider audience of your ideal clients 
  • how to thrive in your business
  • how to shout about what you do in a big way that feels good (not icky)
  • how to raise your prices and own your worth 
  • a burst of momentum to start the 2nd biz quarter of the year 
  • how to find the balance between working your arse off in your business and thriving in your life (yep, it’s absolutely possible to do both.) 

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All love,



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#WonderWomanWednesday – Sophia St. Villier

Meet the gorgeous Sophia St. Villier.  

I am thrilled to share this interview with you…

Sophia is an incredible burlesque artist and runs ‘Every Woman is a Goddess’ Burlesque Workshops, to help women with self-acceptance and body confidence.  Sophia is such a goddess – a truly beautiful human being, inside and out.

When you were a little girl, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Ha, ha – a fairy, mermaid, Jessica Rabbit, Dame Edna Everage, Miss Piggy hybrid. An artist.

Above photos Brian Harris

How did you get into your area of expertise? 

I heard about burlesque when I was at university in New Zealand. I thought it sounded like a wonderful, interesting and intriguing art form and I began to research the history of burlesque and was fascinated by the wild, beautiful women who performed burlesque in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. I began burlesque firstly as a hobby when I moved to London. I’ve been performing burlesque for 7 years and I specialise in classic vintage style burlesque and I have a passion for teaching and helping women unveil their sexy inner goddess. I’m very big on each of us becoming aware of what ‘sexy’ is for us individually.

Photo Mark Sherratt

Photo Joanna Kor, Life Is Yours Photography

Photo Mark Sherratt

What obstacles have you faced in following your dreams and how have you overcome them? 

The obstacles I have faced are more of the “mind forged manacles” variety than anything concrete.

I recently started working with a life coach which has been bloody amazing to break down ideas and create small actionable steps to get shit done and focus your energies.

I would highly recommend to people making a start on bringing their dreams into being is to get really clear on their strengths and get help on their weaknesses. Don’t waste your energy mastering things you aren’t naturally good at. Work, outsource and/or skill swap with people who have a different skill set to you and focus on fortifying your strengths rather than being a jill or jack of all trades.

What’s the best part of what you do? 

With performing burlesque there is so much that happens to create an act; selection of music, bespoke costumes made, rehearsals with props, that it is such a pleasure to be on stage performing, being in the moment and enjoying the connection you have with the audience.

Photos Brian Harris

With teaching, it is seeing women blossom during workshops – shoulders open, the chin is held proudly and a smile from the soul radiates a presence of innate self-assurance. There is nothing sexier than someone who is having fun.

Photos Beth Crockatt Photogrpahy

What advice do you have for other women who might want to follow suit?

Do what you do for the love of it. Keep new ideas and ventures close to your chest until you feel you will not be swayed by others opinion. Making the transition from employee to self employed is scary, so don’t wait for the point for it to not feel scary.

I listened to this video by Doreen Virtue pretty much everyday the year I left my 9-5 job which was a tremendous help.   The quote Doreen recites in this video is now a personal mantra: “I’ve never began any important venture for which I felt adequately prepared” by Sheldon Kopp.

What’s your morning routine? 

When I wake up and I’m lying in bed, I’ll say a small prayer and thank my guides for reminding me of their presence during the day (thanks Kyle Gray for that hot tip) then make a cup of hot water with lemon. Sometimes I’ll read in bed for a bit (I’m currently reading Girl Trouble by Carole Dyhouse and Light is the New Black by Rebecca Campbell or I’ll read the daily A Course in Miracles lesson) or I’ll throw some clothes on, put my lemon water in a keep cup and walk to the local park to be near some trees and hear bird song.

3 things that are on your ‘to do’ list today?

1. Write.

2. Get outside to see and smell the roses in the local park.

3. Make out with my husband. Making out is the best.

What are you working on at the moment?  Next project?

I’m writing a book about self acceptance and love (we teach what we need to learn, right?), sensuality and ancient goddesses – just a few of my favourite things. I’m going really deep on things I have learnt.

Photo Joanna Kor, Life Is Yours Photography

One woman you admire and why?

My grandmother Penny – for her wicked sense of humour, for her big heart in rescuing animals, for reading tarot cards, for not playing by the rules. I admire women that turn away from the status quo and trail blaze a new path. I love kind hearted bad asses.

Photo Brian Harris

Three wishes?

  • That everyone has a home. I do not understand how we allow homelessness to exist in this day in age.
  • That all litter, plastic bottles, plastic bags in the world would magically disappear into thin air and we can stop choking the planet.
  • To live in an egalitarian world where everyone can thrive. I want to see a good life for all in my lifetime.

Who do you turn to for advice? 

My gut, my husband, my friends, my tarot cards, my journal. The more people I ask, the more Erica Jong’s voice rings in my head… “Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.” I’ve had to become a lot better at relying on myself for advice.

Who do you turn to for a shoulder to cry on?

My husband, my girlfriends, a tree (it has to be a special tree, not just any old tree – ha!).

Favourite book?

The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter

Favourite movie?

Wild at Heart by David Lynch.

Favourite childhood game?

Playing dress-ups and putting on shows for the family and drawing… Somethings never change.

Photo Brian Harris

Words for Monday motivation?

Monday is a cabaret performer’s Sunday. So Tuesday motivation is ‘Get disciplined and devote yourself to something bigger’.

#FeelGoodFriday song?

I Wanna Be Your Dog – The Stooges.

Favourite quote? 

A quote my Mum always said to me “Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive” by Elbert Hubbard. I can take life way too seriously and worry about what people will think about what I’m doing. This quotes puts all my freak outs in perspective, reminds me to ease up on the self judgement and to laugh – at life and myself!


Sophia St. Villier Burlesque Bombshell and Retro Model