#SoulFire Woman


This programme was designed to support you in becoming the woman you've always wanted to be, who you really are and taking your online / coaching business from start up, to thriving; so you can create the income and impact you're here to make.
It's your time!


You are a wise, wild woman. 

You have a spirit for adventure, a hunger for growth and a burning desire to make a huge positive impact in the world.

You're ready to create the high level income and impact you know you're here for.

You know it's time to cut the BS and use your super-power intuition; to drop the struggle and enjoy more pleasure, ease and flow.

You crave connection but are no longer available for surface level. You want to go deeper...

You want to be surrounded by other people who 'get' you, people you're free to just BE with... free to be vulnerable with and to celebrate with.

There's no time to put off your dreams until one day!


Hi, I'm Louise George

I've been there... feeling totally overwhelmed and frustrated, knowing that I had so much more to offer but not knowing how to consistently create the level of success I desired as well as enjoying the freedom and lifestyle I craved. 

At the end of 2015 I decided I was no longer available for struggle!
I had been running my coaching business for just over a year and in and was tired of trying to figure it all out alone; working hard but still not seeing the income or impact I desired. I knew so much more was possible for me. 

Running a successful business takes courage requires clarity, confidence, the right mindset, action and support from people who have been there before and who help you to feel like the best version of yourself.



I desired freedom to work from anywhere, to be able to work with clients who inspired me and to make a big positive impact in the world.
So I invested in myself and my company and went ALL IN for the first time. I started working with high level coaches and mentors, got clear on what I truly desired and the BS keeping me stuck. 

I reconnected with my purpose, power and tribe.
Over the past 2 years I have been able to reconnect with who I am, my purpose and how to create the life I want. I went from struggling to a multi 6 figure company, working with dream clients, speaking at events around the world and running my own. Best of all, I am working less, spending time doing work I LOVE and I have created an incredible community with #SoulFire. I have the most amazing support in my business and life: mentors, coaches, team, masterminds and the best of friends.

I created #SoulFire Woman to support you in reconnecting with who you are, what you desire and how to create it... You never have to feel alone again!
It's time to drop the BS and re-connect to your (super) power.

It's not fear you're feeling...


You feel your power


I see you and your gifts, I feel your desire to change the world, to be of service and create a meaningful life.
Are you ready to fully step into your power and see what is possible?

  • You are already great and have the talent, the education and the experience to soar
  • You've helped so many others realise their visions and now's your time
  • You're ready to let go of what no longer serves you
  • You don't want 'cookie cutter' you want to be more you
  • You are ready to unleash your full power and creativity within

But you've been holding yourself back. Part of you has been resisting rising up...

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You've already achieved a level of success and are scared of burnout
  • You're committed to self-care and wellbeing
  • You know you want more but you sometimes sabotage your dreams - maybe you don't believe they're possible?
  • You've done so much work but you're still unsure what's blocking you
  • You find old relationships no longer serving you
  • You desire to create financial freedom
  • You want more travel, experiences and adventure
  • You want to create more quality moments with your loved ones
  • You know what's got you here won't get you 'there'
  • You know you're meant for so much more!

It's your time!

Where you are now...

  • You have an online business / coaching practice
  • You have at least one signature programme
  • You have experience in creating clients and are ready to take it to the next level
  • You want to own your gifts as a leader
  • You want to do all of this with ease, grace and integrity
  • You crave meaningful connections with other people who love, understand and support you
  • You strongly desire to make a BIG positive impact in the world and you know now is the time

You are SO ready to up-level even more and want to get started before the new year and continue that momentum to make 2018 the year you step more into your power and purpose, to create the income and impact you desire.

It's time to go from start up entrepreneur to thriving in your business and life, with a sisterhood of #SoulFire Women to support you...

Together we rise!


You are a thought leader...


Work with Transformational Success & Speaker Coach, Louise George, in this leadership programme, to step into your power and purpose.

Follow your #SoulFire


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Apply Now!

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Intuitive Coaching

You don't need more strategies, you need insight...

In #SoulFire Woman not only do you have all of the training, resources and tools to build and grow a successful business, Louise will dive deep with you and straight into the beliefs and fears that are really keeping you stuck.

You don't need to wait to manifest the life you dream of, you can create it now.

It's time to take that quantum leap. 

Join us for coaching, connection and community to soar.

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You are supported


Starting with a Welcome Event to meet your SoulFire Sisters in Cornwall, UK, on 12th & 13th June 2018


10 Bi-weekly video calls with me and your intimate mastermind, starting July 2018


Immediate access to SoulFire Inner Circle VIP members site, with business tools and training to build and grow a successful online business, monthy group calls and challenges


Private FB group for support and connection between calls


We celebrate the year with a 2 day event in beautiful Bali - on 3rd & 4th Dec 2018

Your Bonuses

Join now to also receive these incredible bonuses:

  • £2000 off the usual price!!
  • Access the Inner Circle group now

And then join me and your sisters for your 6 month mastermind starting in July, kicking off with a 2 day event  in June 2018 and ending with a celebration in Dec 2018!!


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**Spaces limited - join now to secure your place and change your life**

6 months - £10,000

Instalments for 6 months - £5000 deposit

then x3 £1800

12 months - £18,000

Instalments for 12 months - £10,000 deposit

then x3 £2800

Meet Some Of My Clients

A final note...

If you've reached this point on the page, your soul is craving more, she is whispering to you to rise.

Are you ready to take the next step and move forwards towards your dreams?  Listen to your heart, your intuition.

What I want more than anything is for you to share your incredible, unique gifts with the world.  For you to be of high-service, in the way you desire to be, so you can make the positive change you're here to make and live your life to the full.

We need you now, more than ever.  We need all high-vibe women with incredible dreams to live them and inspire others to do the same.  That's why I created this programme.

I want to empower you to step into your feminine power, to create your dream business and life, become the woman your ideal clients are looking for, the woman you desire to be. 

Imagine how it will feel to have personal support, to see your business dreams become a reality, for your ideal clients to find you and pay you what you're worth and to live the life you truly desire.

Are you ready to ignite your passion and purpose and create the business and life you dream of now?  Join us!

I can't wait to get to know you.
x Louise