Is is time to share your message with the world?

Do you want to reach others with your story?
Would you like to get booked for speaking gigs, podcasts and interviews?
Do you want to run your own workshops, retreats and seminars?
Are you ready to fully step into your power and purpose as a leader?


Hi! I'm Louise George;

 Transformational Success & Speaker Coach, Author, Presenter & Actor.

I am an award winning transformational coach

I have a full list of high performing, high paying clients of coaches, creatives and online entrepreneurs

I took my current coaching company from 0 to multi 6 figures in less than 18 months, running workshops, retreats and coaching.

I also trained as a TV / radio host and actor

I am a published author, with 2 books being published in 2017

I appear on screen in the UK and worldwide in films such as 'Our Kind Of Traitor, with Damian Lewis, also starring Ewan McGregor, Stellan Skarsgård and Naomie Harris

I regularly speak at events globally, including The Awakened Woman Conference in Bali, Mind, Body, Spirit Festival and Vogue Cafe, London

I also run my own events, workshops and retreats in the UK and US, throughout the year

    SoulFire Speaker is your private speaking intensive, co-created with you, to support you in sharing your message more confidently; speaking more: at your own events, for stage and on video.


    • want to position yourself as a leader in your niche
    • are ready to reach more people
    • want to master the art of speaking for: stage, screen, podcasts, social media and for your events
    • want to do all of this with ease, grace and integrity
    • strongly desire to make a BIG positive impact in the world and you know now is the time

    You too could be working with high level clients, running events and speaking to audiences worldwide...


    Work with Transformational Success & Speaker Coach, Louise George, in your private intensive, to step into your power and purpose and share your story.


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    Share your story.


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    Since working with Louise...

    "I’ve become unstoppable in the life and business I truly desire.
    I’ve stopped playing it safe, small or holding myself back. In just my first 3 months, I more than doubled my client intake, made 30k, brought my dream car and am arranging my Mastermind Event for my high vibe clients in Morocco.
    But best of all, I’ve done it in a way that feels good to me. Without sacrificing, without advertising even - just naturally doing what I do and growing my business in an organic way which is totally my vibe.
    I’m so happy and grateful to be working with Louise. I’ve signed up for the full year and cannot even envision where I’ll be by then but I’ll know it will be epic.
    Louise is a tough coach but kind and gentle all at the same time and as a strong minded woman myself - I need the tough love. Thanks Lou xx"
    Lulu Minns - Coach for free-spirited entrepreneurs, UK

    Life is good!

    "My relationship with my coach Louise George is blossoming from year to year.
    The best thing about working with a high level coach is the results you become able to manifest in your business and life.
    Here is a snapshot of my life right now:
    - Creating my first 6-figure year
    - Writing my first book
    - Taking my kids to Africa and LA later this year - drinking green juice during the week and rum at the weekend. Life is good."
    - Nancy Florence - Confidence Coach For Busy Mums

    Work with Louise in your
    SoulFire Speaker private intensive and get confident in sharing your message.

    This programme is created with you and based on your specific desires and needs. We'll work through your fears, limiting beliefs and insecurities, to help you become a more confident speaker. We'll also look at your presenting skills for different speaking situations.
    Some of the things we may cover are:


    • Identifying the old stories that are running the show
    • Re-programming your mindset for success and overcoming fears, insecurities, limiting beliefs
    • Listening to your intuition
    • Getting further clarity on your purpose and why
    • Owning and sharing your powerful story 
    • Using your purpose, story and why when speaking


    • Developing more confidence and presence for speaking to potential clients and audiences
    • Sharing your story and delivering for different situations
    • How to confidently conduct powerful conversations with higher level clients
    • Preparing and speaking for events, stage and screen
    • Getting into your body and breathing techniques
    • Learning tips and tools of professional presenters
    • Interview skills for both sides of the conversation


    • Building an engaged community who will invest in your services
    • Increasing your prices to be of higher service
    • Connecting with your audiences
    • Calls To Action
    • Dynamic presenting skills
    • Learning to craft a talk, workshop, presentation without reading or following a script
    • The art of 'ad libbing' and what to do when off plan


    • Your plan for 2018: programmes, speaking engagements, building your community and marketing
    • Connections and recommendations from my 'inner circle' of experts
    • Focus on next steps for you
    • PR and Joint Ventures

    K.iller Conversions

    • Leveraging your gifts and positioning you as an expert
    • Mastering client creation and communication
    • Group accountability and challenges to keep you in momentum and action
    • Failing forward - taking consistent and celebrating the wins and the lessons
    • Support from a high-performing community of entrepreneurs

    Work with me 1-1 to step into your power and share your story.

    The details...

    Join me for a 1 day, 2 day or 3 day, 1-1 speaker coaching intensive.

    The venue will either be in Richmond, UK, Southern California, or can be chosen together to co-create the most inspiring day for you.

    You will also have the option to get photos and a speaker reel for your website - at an additional cost, to be discussed.


    This is for you if...

    • You want to get more confident with the art of feminine speaking and leadership
    • Want to get more visible and share your message
    • You want to create a great income and have a freedom based business, so you can make a difference in the world
    • You are ready to get booked with your ideal clients in a way that feels great
    • You want to build and grow your community and position yourself as an expert

    This is not for you if...

    • You're not motivated and are looking for someone to do the work for you
    • You're solely interested in money, fame or success
    • You don't want a community of highly engaged, inspiring people
    • You don't want to expand, or be challenged
    • You don't enjoying deep and meaningful conversations
    • You're not willing to be vulnerable
    • You have no interest in working on your beliefs and mindset
    • You don't want to create a positive impact and support others
    • You're not interested in business and self-development

    Louise celebrating with one of her mentors, Gina DeVee in Paris, Sept 2017

    Louise celebrating with one of her mentors, Gina DeVee in Paris, Sept 2017

    I've personally invested over $50,000 on my own coaches and mentors this year alone and is one of the best things I've done, it has been the catalyst for the success I've created so far in my business and now I want to share what I've learned with you...

    This mastermind will be one of the best investments you'll ever make!  It will help you skyrocket your self-belief and confidence, while enabling you to accelerate your success, help you to get clear on your business model and focuses to reach the next level, create your ideal clients, make a difference in the world and create a great income.  

    Let's make your dreams a reality...

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    **Spaces limited and available on application only, please apply below.**

    Investment starts at £5000 for your bespoke intensive

    A final note...


    If you've reached this point on the page, your soul is craving more, she is whispering to you to rise.

    Are you ready to take the next step and move forwards towards your dreams?  Listen to your heart, your intuition.

    What I want more than anything is for you to share your incredible, unique gifts with the world.  For you to be of high-service, in the way you desire to be, so you can make the positive change you're here to make and live your life to the full.

    We need you now, more than ever.  We need all high-vibe women with incredible dreams to live them and inspire others to do the same.  That's why I created this programme.

    I want to empower you to step into your feminine power, to create your dream business and life, become the woman your ideal clients are looking for, the woman you desire to be. 

    Imagine how it will feel to have personal support, to see your business dreams become a reality, for your ideal clients to find you and pay you what you're worth and to live the life you truly desire.

    Are you ready to ignite your passion and purpose and create the business and life you dream of now?  Join us!

    I can't wait to get to know you.
    x Louise