through experience and expansion you can curate your creativity and the business and life you dream of.

I believe in infinite possibilities, that you have a purpose and can have, be and do anything you desire. But so often we are held back but what we feel we should do, by our fears and limiting beliefs.

When you break past paradigms of possibility and gain clarity on your true desires, your unique purpose and how to discover the power you have within, you will lead your most joyful life;
a life of abundance, expression, connection and love.

I see you and your gifts, I feel your desire to change the world, to be of service lead a fulfilled life.
Are you ready to fully step into your power and see what is possible?

  • You are already great and have the talent, the education and the experience to soar
  • You've helped so many others realise their visions and now's your time
  • You are ready to unleash your full power and creativity within
  • You know you're so close to success AND fulfillment

But you've been holding yourself back. There's a part of you terrified to play a bigger game. You're unsure what to focus on to get to the next level or to give you the lifestyle and freedom you crave. 

Do any of these sound like you?

  • You've already achieved a level of success but have so many plates spinning
  • You need to get focused to restore calm and balance
  • You're a high achieving woman, who's burning out and not sure what's next
  • You don't believe you can mirror your previous success
  • You know you want more but your dreams keep getting pushed aside - maybe you don't believe they're possible?
  • You often find yourself in existential crisis, wondering what your life is all about
  • You desire to be financially free, to be able to travel and spend time with your loved ones
  • You find old relationships no longer serving you
  • You have layers of limiting beliefs and are scared of failing
  • You know what's got you here won't get you 'there'
  • You know you're meant for so much more!

With all this going on have you been working enough on supporting the most important thing in your business and life - YOU?

  • Are you clear on what you truly desire or have you been doing lots of things you feel you should?
  • Have you got a routine that supports you in feeling your best?
  • Are you consistently working on your mind, to believe in yourself and feel great every day?
  • Are you able to understand, appreciate and work WITH your emotions, cycles and nature?

Do you know what to focus on?

  • Are you clear on your goals and the actions and mindset needed to reach them?
  • Have you got support and structures to thrive in your business?
  • Do you know what to be focusing on to keep you out of busy and being productive?
  • Are you doing work that truly lights you up?

I've been there... feeling totally overwhelmed and frustrated, knowing that I had so much more to offer but not knowing how to consistently create the level of success I desired as well as enjoying the freedom and lifestyle I craved. With each up-level came new limiting beliefs and a fear of success.

I trained as an actor but never really believed I could have a career as a creative, so put that on the back-burner, to try various different corporate jobs, including property and advertising but I never felt like I fit in. Something was always missing for me and I knew I was meant for more, I just didn't know what more was. Trying to fit in and working against my nature took me down a road of depression, anxiety and questioning what the point was. I achieved a level of success but I wasn't happy. Have you ever felt like that?

So I decided to start my own business, first in property management and then in fitness coaching and again, had some success but I still hadn't found my 'purpose'.

I hadn't found my purpose because I was constantly looking outside of myself for success and fulfillment, without once stopping to check in with what I truly desired. I was doing what I thought I should do or grasping at things I could do and discovered how short lived external gratification is. When we're not living and creating from alignment with our soul purpose, it feels empty and like work.

I decided it was time to follow my heart and create the life I truly desired, with a business that enabled me to work from anywhere, follow my passions and help other women to gain the confidence, mindset and clarity to live the life they desire.

I founded this company to inspire & support luminary leaders, like you and to help you create and live the life you desire.

Running a successful business takes courage requires clarity, confidence, the right mindset, action and support from people who have been there before and who help you to feel like the best version of yourself.

Soul Fire™ is a new paradigm for female entrepreneurs to really rise and create success and fulfillment on YOUR terms, with my support, to help you get clear on the internal and external shifts needed for you to rise.

Work with Transformational Coach, Louise George, in this leadership programme and step into your power. Creating the business and life you desire and deserve.

Work with me in the Soul Fire™ programme, to skip the struggle and build your dream business and life, from your passion and purpose.

My programmes are as unique as you are and bespoke to meet your needs.
In my 1:1 Soul Fire Coaching Programme, you will be supported in creating your dream business and / or lifestyle and some of the things we'll work though are, from my Passion - Prosperity P.L.A.N:


  • Creating a vision for your future
  • Uncovering your truth, and the important issues that perhaps you haven't acknowledged yourself
  • Gaining clarity on your purpose, 'why' and true desires


  • Learning how to flip negative beliefs and re-frame old stories that no longer serve you
  • Gaining new insights and fresh perspective
  • Realising the power you have to make your dreams happen
  • Creating freedom to think, act and be the person you want to be
  • Up-leveling your wealth consciousness and mindset to reach the next income level
  • Managing your emotions and learn how to respond, not react
  • Tuning in to your intuition and learning how to listen to your inner voice
  • Restoring calm and control to your life


  • Creating space to to pursue your passions
  • Pursuing your lifelong ambitions
  • Working on your 'state' to become more energised and inspired to achieve your ultimate goals
  • Understanding your 'story and speaking your truth
  • Creating a life that feels easy and inspired
  • Opening up to possibilities and adventures
  • Learning the key pillars for a thriving online business, including: creating high level programmes, automation, outsourcing, speaking, confidence with video, building a tribe and creating consistent clients and high income


  • A sisterhood of other female entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives

My client Nancy Florence described working with me as:
'So much more than business coaching, it's about living in your 'Zone of Genius.' 

If this is the support you've been looking for or you'd love to explore how it could help you, I'd be thrilled to explore possibilities with you. Apply for your complimentary coaching intensive with me.

You'll have full support from me over 6 or 12 months, including:


  • We will begin with a luxury 1 day intensive in London or via Skype
  • Bi-weekly private 1-1 sessions with me via Skype, to keep you on track
  • Full personal e-mail support

  • Access to 'Luminary Online' VIP members site, with PDFs, Workbooks, resources, guides, business tools and video training




Apply now & receive these incredible bonuses worth over £5000!!

  • Desire Map workbook & guidance on getting clear on your core desired feelings 

  • Meditation & visualisation techniques to raise your vibration, feel great and create the things you desire



Video training series on creating your luxury brand, with Luxury Brand Expert Elva Li  





Complimentary Legal Assessment
With My Incredible Lawyer, Natasha Minchella, The Orchard






Complimentary PR Strategy Call With Suzie Bartle, Founder of Well Spirited PR
Uncover what your story is and how to become the go-to expert in your industry




there's more!!

Join me for your private VIP day in London or via Skype to begin your programme and strategise your next steps.

And join me and my other VIP private clients, in person for a luxury 2 day mastermind and champagne celebration event,
at a stunning 5* hotel in London in June, and Los Angeles in December!! If you're on the 6 month, you have one event included and for 12 months, you'll have the option to join both.
*travel & accommodation not included* - APPLY NOW TO JOIN US FOR THESE LIFE-CHANGING EVENTS!

This is not for you if...

  • You're not motivated and are looking for someone to do the work for you
  • You're solely interested in money, fame or success
  • You don't want a community of highly engaged, inspiring people
  • You don't want to expand, to be challenged
  • You don't enjoying deep and meaningful conversations
  • You're not willing to be vulnerable
  • You have no interest in working on your beliefs and mindset
  • You don't want to create a positive impact and support others
  • You're not interested in business and self-development

This is for you if...

  • You have aspirations to grow both yourself and your businesses/career
  • You're an entrpreneur or leader
  • You have already achieved success, but you want to get to next level
  • You know success isn't enough and seek fulfillment, more creativity and adventure
  • You're so over doing work you don't enjoy and want to live your purpose and do work that lights you up
  • You want to create a great income and have a freedom based business, so you can make a difference in the world
  • You are ready to get booked with your ideal clients in a way that
    feels great
  • You want to build and grow your community

Don't waste any more time in overwhelm and fear, constantly searching for the next course that will give you the tools you need to move forwards and create the business and life you desire.  You don't need more information, you need more insight. Insight into who you truly are, what you really desire and how to take inspired action to create the business and life you dream of.

Louise celebrating with her mentor, Gina DeVee in Florence, June 2016

Louise celebrating with her mentor, Gina DeVee in Florence, June 2016

I've personally invested over $40,000 on my own coaches and mentors this year alone and is one of the best things I've done, it has been the catalyst for the success I've created so far in my business and now I want to share what I've learned with you...

This mentorship will be one of the best investments you'll ever make!  It will help you skyrocket your self-belief and confidence, while enabling you to accelerate your success, help you to get clear on your business model and focuses to reach the next level, create your ideal clients, make a difference in the world and create a great income.  

Let's make your dreams a reality...





**Spaces available on application only, please apply below.**

Investment in full - 6 months £15,000 or 12 month £25,000
Inc. VAT

Installments for 12 month -   £15,000 deposit, then £3700 per month x3

A final note...

If you've reached this point on the page, your soul is craving more, she is whispering to you to rise.

Are you ready to take the next step and move forwards towards your dreams?  Listen to your heart, your intuition.

What I want more than anything is for you to share your incredible, unique gifts with the world.  For you to be of high-service, in the way you desire to be, so you can make the positive change you're here to make and live your life to the full.

We need you now, more than ever.  We need all high-vibe women with incredible dreams to live them and inspire others to do the same.  That's why I created this programme.

I want to empower you to step into your feminine power, to create your dream business and life, become the woman your ideal clients are looking for, the woman you desire to be. 

Imagine how it will feel to have personal support, to see your business dreams become a reality, for your ideal clients to find you and pay you what you're worth and to live the life you truly desire.

Are you ready to ignite your passion and purpose and create the business and life you dream of now?  Join me!

I can't wait to get to know you.
x Louise