Ep 2 Silent Moon Imaginarium With Indra Singh


EP 2 Silent Moon Imaginarium With Indra Singh

"We welcome you to Silent Moon Imaginarium. This is a place of solace for those with a curious disposition, a sanctuary for a tender heart, the dreamer, a land where we acknowledge that life is never as it seems, a realm where you are supported by the nature kingdom."


Indra is a yoga teacher and the founder of Silent Moon, where she creates beautiful elixirs to support your wellbeing.  I met Indra on Periscope and she immediately drew me into her magical world.

Indra has such incredible energy and a beauty that only comes from standing in our authentic truth and embracing our unique world perspective and desires.  I am so honoured to have Indra on the podcast and cannot wait for you to hear this enchanting interview.

Some of the things we talk about include:

  • How Indra creates her powerful flower elixirs
  • The benefits of vibrational elixirs
  • Why she prefers to create them by moonlight
  • Where Indra gets her creative inspiration
  • Feminine energy
  • Imagination and Imaginariums
  • Energy & Spirit Guides
  • How Indra overcame her eating disorder with yoga
  • How Kundalini Yoga has brought Indra closer to her father's spirit
  • The use of yoga and meditation for mental health and wellbeing

This is an absolutely brilliant episode and I cannot wait for you to hear it!  I am thrilled to introduce Indra Singh