Be More Dog - 5 Ways To Lead A More Joyful Life

Dedicated to our beloved fur baby Troy - #TroyTheSpottyRescueDog 1.1.02 - 2.2.17
We love you!

For those of you who have dogs in your life- how lucky you are.  For those of you who don’t, I highly recommend spending time with dogs when you can.

We all need to learn to “Be More Dog“.... Here are 5 ways you can 'Be More Dog' and lead a more joyful life.

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Louise George
How I lost control of my business and 3 key steps that turned it around!

What's not perfect in your business yet?

I remember a few years ago starting the new year with such enthusiasm and then quickly losing it as I felt the pressure of the end of the month looming and although I remained determined to reach my goals, somewhere in my beliefs were conflicts - that it was actually too hard, that no-one buys in January and I wasn't going to make it... have you ever felt like that?              Perhaps that's where you are now?

I understand the roller-coaster ride of feeling elated one minute and then terrified the next... and yes, that's part of the exhilaration of being a true warrioress entrepreneur, creating our own realities in business and that makes you extraordinary but we also have the ability to control our realities, how we feel about whatever our current situation is and turning it around if needed...

How? ...

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Louise George
WHY Are You Doing This?

Most people who set 'New Years Resolutions' will give up by mid January and that's the only time they set goals and then wait again until next year to start again!

So how can you make sure you stick to your intentions? Well, make sure you follow through with the plan above and timeline your actions.. in my opinion and experience anything not time-lined won't get done. So schedule into your online calendar - that way you can see and edit anywhere you are and have a timeline to follow, to make sure your taking those actions and working towards your goals, every day!

Even more importantly, it helps to know WHY you want the things you do?

WHY are you setting those goals?

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Louise George
'Goals With Soul' To Manifest Your Desires For 2017 & help From Tony Robbins

We're now in the last two days of 2016 and I've been busy planning with my team for the New Year... are you prepared for your success next year?

This is one of my favorite times of year, I love the Christmas break and I also love the high energy and excitement of a fresh page; in my journal, my Desire Map Planner and in business and life. The wonder of what is yet to manifest and the fun of creating it in my mind and co-creating with the universe.

I find the period between Christmas and New Year a wonderful time to sit quietly, reflect, visualize and plan. A time to reconnect with my core desired feelings, currently...

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Louise George
My Desire Was To Create A Thriving Business In 2016

My desire was to create a thriving business in 2016 - I hit 6 figures and was awarded for my achievements, as a success coach!

But it's really about the freedom it has given me to work with and impact the lives of thousands of women around the world.

It wasn't that long ago I was spinning my wheels in business, with no idea what to focus on and as a result I had inconsistent clients and income but I have now created a thriving business, am fully booked with clients and have consistent five figure months.

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How YOU Can Create A Six Figure Business

In this post I'm sharing some of the things that have contributed to me creating my six figure business this year and how you can too. Make sure you read through til the end, where I have an amazing opportunity for you!

I have just returned from my month long adventure in Bali and Miami and I cannot believe we're now only two weeks from Christmas! If you celebrate are you organised yet? Me niether.

I had the most transformational adventure in Bali, where I was speaking at The Awakened Woman Conference, at the most beautiful, high-vibrational venue I have ever been - New Earth Haven.

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Louise George
What's Behind My 20k Months...

Behind the 20k months... what they don't always tell you -

I'm just settling back in the office after my amazing trip to Colorado, although I've been bed bound the last couple of days with a stomach bug/ altitude sickness - traveling is not all glamour! Feeling a bit better today and excited to share all that's been happening behind the scenes at #BodhiBabes...





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Louise George
"You have to howl so your pack knows where you are!"

"We need YOU to rise, to become more visible, to live your dreams and share the unique voice and gifts that only you have.  
No one else has the perspective you have." 

I am back in London after an amazing week in Italy, first in Florence with my incredible mentor Gina Devee and academy sisters and then in Rome to re-visit one of my favourite cities and a place I called home 10 years ago.  I love Italy!

I am so inspired after soaking up all the gorgeous Italian vibes, masterminding with Gina and so many other incredible entrepreneurial women and I have lots of exciting plans for Bodhi Babes for the rest of the year.

After speaking to my amazing coach, Jessica Caver-Lindholm yesterday we realised I only have 20 spots left to work with me privately for the rest of this year and I am well on track for my first 6 figure year!  I am beyond thrilled with how this year has gone!  I am reaching and surpassing all my goals and intentions and have already had so many opportunities and manifestations that I couldn't have even imagined.  I am travelling frequently for business, coaching, speaking gigs and holidays to: LA, Florence, Rome, Napa, Paris, NY, Colorado, Bali, Talum and Miami.

This is my reality because....

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Louise George
4 Steps To Manifest Your Desires Now...

The Law Of Attraction is real and manifesting works...

I created a vision board earlier this year and glanced at it this morning to realised that I've manifested almost everything on it already and we're only in June!

If that sounds a bit 'woowoo' for you keep reading, there are some more practical steps for you too!

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Louise George
They're Looking For You...

Are you running like you're on fire towards your dreams?  Or are you perhaps waiting for a sign? Permission?  An invitation?  
2016 has already been an incredible year for me and #BodhiBabes, having the freedom to work where and when I choose, traveling more than ever and creating £10k months!  
often get asked how I've done it... well the answer is...

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