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Congratulations on taking this powerful step towards creating the business and the life you desire!
I’m excited to get to know you! I hope you enjoy this site and get all you need from it. I am honoured to support and guide you in your transformation and on this journey. We will be constantly adding new trainings for you, so make sure you keep your membership active come back whenever you need a boost and resources to help you on your business journey and in creating a life that feels great! Here's to your soulful success!

If you scroll down on this page you’ll find:

  • Welcome workbook – I highly recommend taking some time to complete this workbook asap and if you're working with me 1-1 please return it to louise@louisegeorge.co before your first coaching session with me, so I can understand a bit about your background, where you are now and what your goals are for working with me. *Be sure to download the document and save to your hard drive, then send back as an email attachment. You will need the most up-to-date version of Adobe to fill-in and save your answers

  • Resource Guide – A list of all the tools I use to run my business so you don’t have to spend your time researching and testing different options.

  • Recommended Reading & Audios – A list of recommended reading, podcasts, meditations and high-vibe audios, to accompany your journey.  You'll find suggested books on mindset, wealth consciousness and self-development.  

  • Business Building Modules - Workbooks to support you as your build and grow your business, from growing your social media presence and list, to confidently conducting sales calls. Whether you're new to business or have been established a while, these are always good to re-visit, to make sure we're on track and doing the basics well.

  • Inner Circle Facebook Community – Click the FB group image at the bottom of this page to join our tribe (if you're not there already!?) of high-vibe, supportive entrepreneurial women and introduce yourself.

I'd like to acknowledge you for saying ‘Yes’ to your dreams and I’m looking forward to supporting you.  
Thank you for choosing me as your coach and for joining us here in the VIP member site! x Louise

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the team at: info@louisegeorge.co


Scroll down for your resources and BUSINESS BUILDING WORKBOOKS - click on the images to download...


1. Start here  
Click the image below to download your coaching workbook. Please complete (typing directly onto workbook) before your first coaching session and email to: louise@bodhibabes.com

3. Resource Guide
Click the image below to download a list of all the tools I use to run my business so you don’t have to spend your time researching and testing multiple options.

5. Create A Luxury Brand - Video Training
Click the image below for your FREE BONUS video series on 'How To Create Your Luxury Brand' with branding coach, Elva Li

7. The Desire Map
"Feeling good is the whole point."  A gorgeous workbook to help you gain clarity and support you on your coaching programme - discover or re-discover your 'core desired feelings'


2. Getting Organised
Download My Example Schedule by clicking the image below.
Use this to help you get your schedule organised, so you know what you're focusing on each day.

4. Recommended Reading
Books and audios that have supported me on my entrepreneurial journey.  I hope they serve you too.  Click the image below to download.

6. Ideal Client
Worksheet to get clarity on who your ideal client is - great for when you're starting out and to re-visit often.

8.  5 Min Meditations - Get in your 'Zone Of Creation'
Get in your 'Zone Of Creation' with these FREE 5 minute, guided meditations to help you feel great and create the business and life you desire. Click the image below to listen.


2. List Building - PASSWORD: thriveonline
It's said that only 1-3% of our list buy from us, so it's vital to continually grow and nurture our 'lists'. Click the image below for a workbook on how to build and grow your list.

1. Social Media 101
How to build and grow your social media presence,
Get focused, organised and clear on what you're posting and where. Click the image below to download.

3. Pricing Your Packages
This can be a tricky area for most of us, how to know what price to put on your services can be overwhelming. Click on the images below to get some tips.

4. Sales Calls
I love sales calls and this workbook will help you to enjoy them too. Click the image below to download your workbook and print out a copy of the call structure to have by your side.