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Hey, I'm Louise! I am so excited you're here and I'm looking forward to supporting you in creating a business and life that REALLY lights you up; with transformational success & speaker coaching, for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders.
This is the inside out revolution for success - to support you with the courage and mindset to live a life true to who you REALLY are. It's time to fully step into your power and purpose and follow your #SoulFire!
"Working with Louise is about living in your 'zone of genius'." - Nancy Florence
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Louise x

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Follow Your #SoulFire

- Louise George


This amazing free training will support you in creating consistent (high level) clients and income, with more ease and flow.


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"I've become unstoppable in the life and business I truly desire"...

I made a huge decision to work with Louise George, it was a huge investment but I decided I was ready to make the life and business I wanted non-negotiable.
I found the money and invested, we started working together with a VIP day. Immediately, I began to shift some of the money stuff that had been holding me back and this was a more emotional journey than I anticipated! But I knew big shifts and transformations were happening. From there I have gathered the momentum I’ve been looking for and become unstoppable in the life and business I truly desire.
I’ve stopped playing it safe, small or holding myself back. In just my first 3 months, I more than doubled my client intake, made £30,000, brought my dream car and am arranging my Mastermind Event for my high vibe clients in Morocco.
But best of all, I’ve done it in a way that feels good to me. Without sacrificing, without advertising even - just naturally doing what I do and growing my business in an organic way which is totally my vibe.
I’m so happy and grateful to be working with Louise. I’ve signed up for the full year and cannot even envision where I’ll be by then but I’ll know it will be epic.
Louise is a tough coach but kind and gentle all at the same time and as a strong minded woman myself - I need the tough love. Thanks Lou xx
- Lulu Minns - Coach for free-spirited entrepreneurs, UK

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"This is more than business coaching, this is about living in your zone of genius!"

My relationship with my coach Louise George is blossoming from year to year.
The best thing about working with a high level coach is the results you become able to manifest in your business and life.
Here is a snapshot of my life right now:
- Creating my first 6-figure year
- Writing my first book
- Taking my kids to Africa and LA later this year - drinking green juice during the week and rum at the weekend. Life is good.
- Nancy Florence - Confidence Coach For Busy Mums