Retreat, replenish and reset - get ready to glide into 2018 with energy, enthusiasm, and a clear action-plan of what you want to make happen, and WHY. 

This is where the soul becomes … strategised. This Desire Map Retreat Level 2 is the practical application of your Core Desired Feelings that you identified in the Level 1 Workshop. (Note: you don't need to have attended a workshop previously to attend, just read the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte before and know your Core Desired Feelings before the retreat!)

At this retreat we'll take time to reconnect with ourselves, with our Core Desired Feelings and with each other.

We'll identify a handful of goals and/or intentions that are aligned with your Core Desired Feelings, and create a plan to support those goals/intentions. 

Desire Map Level 2 is a 2 day retreat.
Time for you to relax, reconnect and re-energise.
From Tuesday 27th - Thursday 29th March 2018, in Sussex

The weekend is all inclusive, with accommodation and delicious food throughout.

We will have meditation, countryside walks, transformational coaching and time to retreat and reconnect, replenish and re-energise our divine feminine desires. 


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The retreat is limited to 10 spaces as we also have our #SoulFire Woman programme joining.


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2 day In Person retreat £700

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2 day retreat investment £700

Images below from our 2016 retreat - venue may be different for 2018

What compelled you to go this event?
The combination of Louise George - whose podcast I listened to and had been following on social media for a while so got a good vibe from her even though I hadn't met her - plus the Journey Dance and yoga being taught by an instructor whose classes I'd already been to and who, from following on social media, I knew had done Louise's desire map workshop. It all felt connected in the right way.
What was your experience at the event?
Amazing! So wonderful.
Venue - magical and we did the desire mapping in an amazing library that used to belong to the economist Keynes - with a wonderful selection of books. There were incredible views of England at it's best.   And even a sauna we all enjoyed - even if we had to wear wellies to get there! A wonderful yurt for the yoga and journey dance.
Louise - great. Powerful, gentle, kind and her facilitation felt solid, clear and grounding.  She made everything feel possible - not in an unrealistic way but in a believable way, even taking into account how my life was feeling before the retreat (ie negative)
Food - delicious food.
Yoga + Journey Dance - what an amazing partner for the Desire Map
What was your greatest takeaway? 
Feeling my core desired feelings are closer than I thought - after a depressing time at work etc - it renewed me to feel they are close and I can have fun moving towards them every day.
Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Definitely! And Louise - in fact I already did recommend