Step out of the busy of your everyday life, and into a magic cocoon of bliss.

Leave behind the noise of the city and bask in the joy of quiet, spacious inner connection.  

Check out from people who just don’t ‘get it’ and vibe with supportive, heart-centred soul sisters.

Cut the small talk and dive deep into conscious conversation.


If You’ve Been Looking For:

  • a soulful approach to your business that requires you doing more of what you love: deep connections, gorgeous conversations, beautiful relationships…and less of what you loathe: funnels, marketing, complicated sales strategies.

  • the kind of women who delight in evenings spent nourished with delicious food, conscious conversation, mapping big dreams, basking in the glory of life, and cheers’ing to each other’s success.

  • deeply fulfilling space and time for you to focus on YOU, your mind, body and soul, and your vision for your life and business

  • powerful soul-affirming guidance on how to set goals that set your soul on fire, and consciously create the life of your dreams

You’re in the right place.

Desire Map Level 2 is a 2 day retreat. Time for you to relax, reconnect and re-energise.
From Tuesday 27th - Thursday 29th March 2018, in Sussex

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You’ll be calling a whole lot of big, beautiful dreams into your reality.

And you’ll be letting things go, too…

You know:

  • It’s time to stop second-guessing what you want.
  • It’s time to stop setting goals that feel boring or from a place of ‘should.’
  • It’s time to stop gripping so tightly to your to-do list that you forget to breathe.
  • It’s time to stop doing things that feel heavy, draining, or out of sync with what you really desire.
  • It’s time to stop dismissing your dreams for ‘one day’.

This is the kind of magic weekend where you’ll launch rockets of desire into the Universe, and reignite the fire in your belly to create the extraordinary life experience you crave and deserve.

Get ready to turn up the volume on your heart’s desires. To want what you want with all your heart.  To amplify it and decide to make it absolutely non-negotiable.

Here, cosied up in the high-energy vortex of a magic library, warmed by the roaring log burning fire, satiated with delicious vegan food and herbal tea - you’ll dream up your deepest desires, you’ll discover what’s been holding you back from them so far, and you’ll create a clear, focused, feel-good master plan to rise up and live out the things you want.


You’re going to find out.

  • A yoga centre in the woods?
  • A thriving coaching business?
  • To run retreats around the world?
  • To write your first book?
  • The romantic relationship that lasts?
  • More travel? More money? More time in your day?

Whatever you want, it’s yours.

Once you >>>

Decide: on exactly what you want, and what you’re no longer available for.

Believe: that you have the strength, power and determination to make it happen.

Desire: in a really, truly, passionate, white-heat kind of way.

Align: energetically, vibrationally, mentally.
And this is where it all begins.


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Join L2 Desire Map  2018

2 day & NIght In Person retreat £700

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Retreat investment £700

When you join us on the Desire Map retreat weekend, you can expect

Let It Be Easy

You’ll learn how to drop the struggle, and enjoy the flow. Because the only thing making things complicated is the limits, stories and blocks going round in your mind. You’ll uncover what it really means to experience ease and flow in your business and life, and how you can operate from that delicious, free and flowing space every single day.

If You Tone It Down, Life Can’t Hear You

We’re turning up the volume on your desires, your dreams, your you-ness. Because it’s time to stop living your life any other way. You’re going to get fully-expressed in every area of your life: health, wealth, love. To become more YOU. To trust yourself. To listen to your soul. And to own every single part of the power and magic you bring to the world.

Plan Like A Mouse, Fly Like An Eagle

We’ll be going BIG with your dreams, and you’ll give yourself permission to desire more than ever before. Team this with getting crystal clear and down to the depths of the detail on your intentions for your life and business, and creating a master plan on your next action steps - you’ll be soaring high and knowing exactly what’s required to take things to the next level.

You’ll glide out of the weekend feeling fully-nourished, crystal clear on your vision and next steps, and on #SoulFire towards your desires.

This is for women who want to access their full potential, and then exceed it.


Join L2 Desire Map  2018

2 day & NIght In Person retreat £700

To join, please complete joining form and choose payment option below ↓↓

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Name *

Retreat Investment £700 

The Details

Your Retreat Itinerary:

Day 1 - 5pm arrive for 6pm welcome session

  • 5pm -      Arrival and tea
  • 6pm -      Welcome & Opening Ceremony
  • 7:30pm - DINNER

Day 2

  • 7am -   Miracle Morning - Ecstatic Dance / Yoga and meditation
  • 9am -   BREAKFAST
  • 10am - Desire Map Level 2 Workshop
  • 1pm -   LUNCH
  • 2pm -   DM Workshop cont' to 3:30pm (approx)
  • 5pm -   Break for personal time
  • 5:30 -   Journey Dance in the yurt - MAGICAL
  • 7:30 -   DINNER
  • 9pm -   Sauna (optional) before bed

Day 3

  • 9am -   BREAKFAST
  • 10am - Desire Map Workshop Cont'
  • 12:30 - LUNCH
  • 1:30 -   DM Workshop Final Session
  • 3pm   - Close & Depart

What attendees are saying

What compelled you to go this event?
The combination of Louise George - whose podcast I listened to and had been following on social media for a while so got a good vibe from her even though I hadn't met her - plus the Journey Dance and yoga being taught by an instructor whose classes I'd already been to and who, from following on social media, I knew had done Louise's desire map workshop. It all felt connected in the right way.
What was your experience at the event?
Amazing! So wonderful.
Venue - magical and we did the desire mapping in an amazing library that used to belong to the economist Keynes - with a wonderful selection of books. There were incredible views of England at it's best.   And even a sauna we all enjoyed - even if we had to wear wellies to get there! A wonderful yurt for the yoga and journey dance.
Louise - great. Powerful, gentle, kind and her facilitation felt solid, clear and grounding.  She made everything feel possible - not in an unrealistic way but in a believable way, even taking into account how my life was feeling before the retreat (ie negative)
Food - delicious food.
Yoga + Journey Dance - what an amazing partner for the Desire Map
What was your greatest takeaway? 
Feeling my core desired feelings are closer than I thought - after a depressing time at work etc - it renewed me to feel they are close and I can have fun moving towards them every day.
Would you recommend this experience to a friend? Definitely! And Louise - in fact I already did recommend