For purpose-driven entrepreneurs & leaders...
who are ready to invest in themselves, to accelerate success & live the life they desire. Application & invitation only. Apply here

Get ready for some BIG time transformation!!
In this session we will talk about where you are now and a strategy of how to get to where you want to be.




Spark Intensive Day

For purpose-driven entrepreneurs & leaders, ready to make big changes!
Spend the day at a luxury venue with me or on a secret adventure, to let go of what's no longer working and take action to accelerate success in your business or get focused and feeling super confident to create the life you dream of...





soul fire

For entrepreneurs & leaders, who are seriously ready to rise and go from great to extraordinary, as a powerful leader. Success isn't enough, this is about uncovering your passion and purpose, your true desires and fulfillment, for the business and life you truly desire. It's your time, your way.
Get my support for 6 months or the whole year!!






3 Month Group Programme & 2 Day Event in LA.
For online business owners & coaches ready for the next level. Consistent clients and income, with more ease and flow.